Catastrophic problems with the UK e-border scheme were revealed today, with Theresa May, Home Secretary, standing accused of presiding over a ‘catalogue of chaos at border control’.

The scheme, which cost taxpayers £500 million, is still not working properly nearly a decade on from its launch. Even worse, May has ordered that 39 passages in a review of the scheme must be deleted, keeping secret from the public whether or not the scheme is failing to block convicted criminals from returning to the UK.

It’s bad enough that criminals, war criminals and child abusers who have previously been excluded from Britain may be returning unchallenged. To then cover it up if that is the case goes against every principle of democracy. No wonder trust in politicians is at an all time low.

Meanwhile, Home Office minister Damian Green, appearing on the Daily Politics, attacked Labour for leaving behind border controls that were not fit for purpose.

Labour may have created this mess by failing to put in place adequate border control protocols during their time in power, but the Conservatives are failing to get a grip on solving it. Meanwhile, let’s not forget that the Liberal Democrats, who have been very quiet during all of this, were calling for an amnesty for illegal immigrants at the last election.

And none of the parties want to comment on the report’s finding that the EU has been a “significant barrier” to British border control collecting information on passengers before they travel – a pivotal piece of the plans to keep people out – because doing so breaches the right of free movement. Cameron, Clegg and Miliband would rather we were in the EU and without the ability to stop criminals entering our country.

Proof that you can’t trust the other parties on what should be top priority for any government: protecting our borders and our people.

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