UKIP:- IWA-Debate: EU, In or Out? Nigel Farage debates with Carwyn Jones

Common Sense:- UKIP member Gaurav Pandey owns Tim Farron on ‘Question Time’

Migrant-Crisis:- Telegraph: Police in Sweden accused of hushing up asylum seeker assaults at festival

World-Affairs:- Breitbart: Bulldozing monuments and the war on American history

EURef:- Bruges Group: 71% said they would prefer Britain to leave the EU and join EFTA

Express: Outrage as ‘gagged’ ministers warned: Any anti-EU speeches and you’re fired

Mail: Once wedded to EU, some British farmers think It’s time to cut loose

TEV: Leave.EU praises Toyota’s commitment to the UK

Mediaocre:- American-Conservative: Unmaking England

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