EU referendum

Sky News is one of several of the media covering the launch of a group of Conservative MPs aiming to keep Britain in the EU.

A new Conservative alliance has been created to lead a fightback against Eurosceptics with a warning that a vote for Britain to leave the EU would be a “jump into a void”.

Former minister Nick Herbert – who led the campaign to keep Britain out of the euro 15 years ago – has launched Conservatives for Reform in Europe (CRE) to make the case for Britain to stay in.

Writing in The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Herbert – who is said to have set up the group with the full support of David Cameron – warned that leaving the EU would put investment at risk, undermine policing and security and jeopardise access to European markets.

“Leaving without the first idea of what we might get instead would be to jump into a void. What matters most to the British people is their jobs and security, living standards and public services,” he wrote.

The Guardian claims Education secretary Nicky Morgan is in the vanguard of the new group.

The depth of cabinet divisions over Europe has been laid bare as the education secretary, Nicky Morgan, warns that a UK exit would cut the country off from the rest of the world and limit the freedom of young people to study and find jobs in the European Union.

Writing in Sunday’s Observer, Morgan hits back at anti-EU cabinet colleagues who are preparing to campaign for “Brexit”, saying the next generation should not have to live in a country in which their prospects and opportunities “end at our shores”.

In her additional role as minister for women, she says the EU has been at the forefront of campaigns to end exploitative practices such as female genital mutilation and forced marriages, and has been a champion of women’s issues.

Her intervention, backed by Downing Street, is an opening salvo by pro-EU ministers at the very top of government after the hardline Eurosceptic Chris Grayling, leader of the House of Commons, was first out of the blocks on 13 January in arguing that staying in the EU as it is currently run and organised would be disastrous for the UK. While David Cameron is said to be “relaxed” about Grayling’s remarks, Downing Street is keen not to allow Eurosceptics to make the running in the debate ahead of the in-out referendum, which now looks likely to be held in the summer or autumn.

The BBC claims former minister Nick Herbert is one of the leaders of the campaign.

Conservatives for Reform in Europe (CRE) is being led by former minister Nick Herbert, who says if changes to Britain’s membership can be agreed then it is better to stay within the bloc.

But he says without such reforms “many of us would be prepared to leave”.

David Cameron has said his ministers will be able to campaign on either side in the EU referendum debate.

The PM’s push to renegotiate Britain’s terms of membership of the EU is expected to come to a head at a Brussels summit next month, ahead of a UK in/out referendum by the end of 2017.

Writing in The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Herbert said: “Leaving without the first idea of what we might get instead would be to jump into a void.

The Telegraph also claims Mr Herbert is leading the group.

The Conservative Party’s war over Europe has dramatically escalated as senior Tories launch a new campaign to keep Britain in the European Union.

A new group, Conservatives for Reform in Europe, has been created to lead the fightback against Eurosceptics with a warning to voters that leaving the EU would be a leap into the void.

The group will be run by Nick Herbert, a former minister, and was set up with the full knowledge of David Cameron, who is expected to welcome its formation.

Writing in the Telegraph, Mr Herbert says he wants to “give voice to the thousands of Tory members and supporters” who want to stay in a reformed EU and want the Prime Minister to succeed in his negotiations with Brussels.

He argues that Mr Cameron’s proposed reforms would boost British trade, restore “sovereignty” by giving more power to national parliaments over EU laws, and stop the welfare system acting as a “draw” for European migrants coming to the UK. Leaving the EU, he warns, would put investment in Britain at risk, undermine policing and security, and jeopardise access to the European market for businesses.

Mr Herbert places national security at the heart of the debate, warning that quitting the EU could put Britain in danger. “Leaving without the first idea of what we might get instead would be to jump into a void,” he says.

As does ITV News.

Former minister Nick Herbert has launched a new Conservatives for Reform in Europe (CRE) group to make the case for Britain to stay in the union, reportedly with the support of the Prime Minister.

He warned that leaving the EU would put investment at risk, undermine policing and security, and jeopardise access to European markets.

The Times claims the Prime Minister has a ‘secret EU masterplan’.

DAVID CAMERON has drawn up a secret plan to deliver three surprise “rabbits from the hat” in his renegotiation with Brussels and has recruited a leading Eurosceptic to help him win the EU referendum.

In a coup for Cameron, Nick Herbert, who led the campaign to keep Britain out of the euro 15 years ago, has agreed to lead the Conservative campaign to stay in the EU.

Among the concessions Cameron expects to secure at a meeting in Brussels on February 19 are:

An agreement signed by the other 27 leaders rebranding Britain as a different sort of member state in the outer circle of a two-tier Europe

An “emergency brake” on EU migration to Britain, enabling the government to block new arrivals if public services become overwhelmed – a proposal that Downing Street previously said it had dropped.

The Mail reports that the attacks in Paris and Cologne have given a boost to the ‘Leave’ campaign.

The number of voters who want Britain to pull out of the EU has risen to its highest point since the General Election.

A shock Mail on Sunday poll today shows the ‘Out’ campaign has opened up a six-point lead in the wake of the Paris massacre, Cologne sex attacks and Syrian migrant crisis. And if London Mayor Boris Johnson were to throw his weight behind an exit, as its supporters hope, the gap would widen to eight points.

The 53-47 support for severing ties with Brussels is almost a direct reversal of a survey from the same pollsters last May, which showed a 54-46 split in favour of staying in.

Today’s Survation poll is the first since David Cameron and EU chiefs last week effectively fired the starting gun for a referendum on the so-called ‘Brexit’ – possibly as soon as June.

The Express also reports the boost for Brexit.

HOPES of Britain leaving the EU were handed a huge boost tonight after a shock poll revealed that the out campaign has opened up an enormous lead in the run-up to the referendum.

Well over half of Britons now want to sever ties with Brussels permanently as anti-EU feeling continues to grow in the light of the Paris massacre and the ongoing migrant crisis.

A poll commissioned for the Mail on Sunday revealed that 53% of Britons now want out of the EU, compared to 47% who believe we should stay in.

That means the leave campaign has opened up a commanding 6% lead as the upcoming referendum on Britain’s membership of the 28-nation bloc looms ever closer.

Even more astonishingly, that lead would grow to a cavernous 8% if Mayor of London Boris Johnson agreed to front the campaign to quit the EU.

The Sun quotes Tory MP Liam Fox saying the referendum ‘will define our country’s future’.

A MOMENTOUS year lies ahead for British politics – and the coming EU referendum will define our country’s future.

It is clear our EU partners will not contemplate fundamental change in how they operate, so one thing is certain — when the referendum comes the status quo will not be on the ballot.

We will have to choose between being submerged in ever closer union or being set free to determine our own destiny.

I agree with the many men and women across this country who simply believe that too many of our laws are crafted overseas and imposed upon us without our consent.

They see many of the freedoms that were fought so hard for traded away.

Europe is a continent with a phenomenally rich history and culture, peopled by individual nations with their own individual traditions.

The EU, on the other hand, is an artificial political construct which has existed for only a few decades.

To be sceptical about the EU is not in any way to be anti-European.

I deeply resent those who make that inference.

Breitbart claims MPs and donors are abandoning the ‘Vote Leave’ campaign to join ‘Go’.

The Timessays that up to 30 MPs, including former Conservative Party leadership candidate David Davis, are throwing their weight behind a new grassroots anti-EU organisation called Go, founded last week by Conservatives Tom Pursglove and Peter Bone and Labour MP Kate Hoey.

‘Vote Leave’, which has strong links with Britain’s political Establishment, is continuing to resist calls for it to merge with Leave.EU, the campaign set up by millionaire UKIP donor Arron Banks. Both organisations are vying to become the official designated ‘leave’ campaign once the referendum is called.

Mr Banks is also funding the ‘Go’ campaign, but only in a personal capacity and it remains separate from Leave.EU.

Mr Pursglove said: “The three of us set up Go because we were frustrated that so little co-ordinated activity seemed to be happening on the ground and there could be as little as 20 weeks to go until polling day.”

Mr Davis added: “I’m happy to help Go . . . Thankfully they are not involved in the fight for designation.”

‘The Jungle’

Breitbart claims an exclusive report of how a journalist called Maaike Engels has been attacked in the Calais migrant camp.

Two Dutch film makers have been attacked in the infamous Calais Jungle camp by migrants wielding pepper spray and a knife. Members of the Calais Migrant Solidarity group have urged them to remove the clip from the Internet, stating menacingly: “You are not doing yourself a favour by putting it online as I think this is not what you came for to Calais…”

Ms. Engels released the clip, taken while filming her new documentary, “Calais: Welcome to the Jungle,” via her YouTube account.

The clip, which only lasts 41 seconds, clearly shows her colleague and photographer Teun Voeten being attacked and thrown into a tent while three men pin him down. The perpetrators then proceed to run off down the makeshift streets of the migrant settlement.

Mr. Voeten is a longstanding contributor to outlets such as Vanity Fair, the New York Times MagazineNational GeographicNewsweek, and Time magazine – the latter of which named German Chancellor Angela Merkel as their Person of the Year in 2015. He has also worked with Medicins San Frontieres, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and Amnesty International.

The description in the video alleges that the pair were set upon by three migrants armed with a “big knife” and pepper spray. The attackers attempted to rob the pair before other migrant residents of the Jungle were able to chase them off.

Ms. Engels posted the video on her Facebook along with her reaction to the attack, describing the men who robbed her as, “a couple of a**holes,” then going on to make excuses for her attackers, saying they are likely to become criminals because, “they’ve got nothing higher to aim at”.

Transgender women stoned

Breitbart reports that three North African teenagers have been arrested following a stoning of two German transgender women in Dortmund.

Three North African men attempted to stone two male to female transsexuals to death in Dortmund, according to local Police.

The two victims were walking together in the early hours of Monday morning when they were approached by three North African men while walking down the Leopoldstrasse. The men attempted sexual advances, but upon realising the victims were transsexuals began attacking them.

Elisa, 37, and Jasmin, 50, reported to police that the men initially hurled insults in Arabic toward them and spoke of their need to stone (to death) “such persons.” Presseportal has published the police report which says the victims responded with insults which escalated the situation to violence. The trio of men then began to throw rocks at the victims.

The victims also reported the suspects grabbed at their hair and breasts during the ordeal.

Scots pay

The Independent reports that Scots are earning more than the English for the first time.

For decades, it has been an accepted fact of British economics that the English earn more than the Scots. But that longstanding record has finally been overturned, according to newly-published research which shows that workers north of the border are now being paid more than their English counterparts.

Typical hourly pay in Scotland has crept above that in England for the first time since records began, due partly to the two nations’ differing responses to the financial crisis of 2008 and the subsequent recession, the analysis by respected think-tank the Resolution Foundation found.

As recently as 2004, typical hourly pay in Scotland was 7.2 per cent lower than in England, the study says. But strong wage growth in the mid-2000s reduced the gap to just 2.9 per cent by 2009, when the repercussions of the crash began to be felt throughout the British economy.

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