UKIP:- An important message from Nigel Farage: 

Robin-Hood UKIP: Nigel Farage’s speech at Grassroots Out event Manchester 05-02-16: 

Express: Patrick O’Flynn MEP: Let’s put egos aside and come together to Leave.EU:

Common-Sense:- Express: ‘I want my country back’ Nigel Farage lams politicians for thinking UK can’t run itself: 

Bolton postal-vote row: UKIP and Lib-Dems join Tories in call for investigation:

Home-Affairs:- Breitbart: UK cops threaten Pegida marchers: 

Express: Tory accuses David Cameron of acting like a ‘dictator’ over EU referendum:

Conservative-Women: Give our troops sovereign immunity and spare them spurious legal claims:

Breitbart: Multi-cultural England: Are you feeling the progressive diversity yet?

Huff-Post: Finally! Exposed! The Deficit Myth! So, David Cameron when are you going to apologise?

Guardian: Who will speak for England? 

World-Affairs:- Sputnik-news: Kremlin monitoring possible Saudi troop deployment in Syria: 

EURef:- The Sun: The scale of the negative reaction to David Cameron’s proposed EU deal has taken Downing Street aback: 

Telegraph: ‘If the Brits want to leave, let them leave,’ say EU leaders:

richard lee

Graphic by Richard Lee

David Davis MP’s speech on Brexit at the Institute of Chartered Engineers: 

Con-Home:- Does the EU referendum package really restore or protect British sovereignty:

Lord Ashcroft Polls: “The Brits would be happier outside. But we don’t want them to leave”: Berlin & Paris:

Sky-News: EU deal ‘reversible’, says Schulz:

Mediaocre:- Mail: Peter Oborne: Michael Gove will join Leave camp … But he needs to get on with it:

Freepressers: What has happened to the west and its men? The hypnotic dance of death:

Mail: David Cameron’s beloved EU is imploding. The reason? The elected elite don’t understand the power of patriotism:

NFU: Lincolnshire’s tractors into schools launches:

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