UKIP:- Bill Etheridge MEP: Get EU red tape off the back off the small and medium-sized enterprises

Common-Sense:- Bloggers4UKIP: EU Parliament says Cameron’s renegotiation won’t be legally binding

Brexit:- Express: Commonwealth business leaders urge David Cameron to let UK leave EU

The Spectator: Employment at a new high, borrowing costs at a record low. So who’s afraid of Brexit?

CAPX: O Americans, embrace Brexit

Home-Affairs:- Alex Jones: Police arrest British man for “offensive” facebook posts about migrants

EURef:- Express: Campaign to quit the EU intensifies: Grassroots Out unite with UKIP and Leave.EU

Breitbart: Establishment ‘Vote Leave’ campaign admits setting up ‘Front Groups’ – may undermine legality behind Brexit campaign spending

EurActiv: Cameron fails to get EU parliament assurances over emergency brake

Guardian: Depth of Tory split on Europe likely to emerge in days

Mirror: David Cameron’s EU deal dream ‘lies in tatters’ after meeting disaster (Poll Alert)

EUreka:- Express: Eurozone crisis on way with debt-hit Italy & Portugal about to become the new Greece

Mediaocre:- The Spectator: Godfrey Bloom puts his foot in it over Emma Thompson row

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