Daily Mail

Editorial: DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Bonus questions over the Houdini bankers

ISIS staff list is LEAKED: Names and family details of 22,000 jihadis revealed in cache of application forms complete with references (and next of kin)

Millions could save on energy bills under watchdog plans for fairer market where suppliers would be able to poach their rivals’ customers from national database

Europe judges could throw out Dave’s deal: Agreement isn’t legally binding, say Commons researchers

The Express

Editorial: Mark Carney is wrong about the risks of Brexit, says Chris Roycroft-Davis

No’ David Cameron emphatically answers Brexit resignation questions

Furious MPs accuse Cameron of surrendering Britain’s right to veto future EU rule changes

EU chiefs BEG Vladimir Putin to solve migrant crisis as Eurocrats admit they face RUIN

Financial Times

Editorial: Oil’s collapse blows a hole in Scotland’s finances

Grayling attacks Cameron’s EU deal

The Queen takes The Sun to regulator over ‘Brexit’ claim

The Guardian

David Cameron: economic shock of EU exit ‘not a price worth paying’

Winning trade union support for EU vote will be ‘difficult’, PM warned

Brexit would be a disaster for UK science, say scientists

The Independent

EU referendum: Stephen Hawking and 150 Royal Society fellows warn Brexit would be ‘disaster for UK science’

The Mirror

Defiant Sun editor says Queen DID back Brexit – and claims she did it TWICE

Tories resume hostilities over Europe: Mirror Politics morning briefing

Professor Stephen Hawking warns leaving the EU would be ‘disaster for science’

The Sun

Editorial: Queen and our right to know

Throne a wobbly: Queen fumes at David Cameron as Clegg tries to gag Brexit camp

The Sun sticks to Queen Brexit scoop amid political storm

The Telegraph

Editorial: Britain’s proud history cannot be rewritten

The Sun stands by ‘Queen Backs Brexit’ story as newspaper claims they knew more than they published- live

Time to admit and resolve NHS errors

The Times

Hawking leads 150 Royal Society scientists against Brexit

UKIP Website

Vote remain for political union with Turkey, vote leave if you believe in Britain says Nigel Farage

UKIP Defence Spokesman asks Home Secretary: “Why would you prefer criminals to stay in the UK than veterans from the British Army?”

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