It won’t surprise you at all, at this stage in the fight for BREXIT, that our politicians have been lying through their teeth in regard to steel production in the UK.

Briefly, the Indian giant Tata owned most of our steel production plants. It pulled out of Redcar because of the onerous ‘environmental’ pay-offs levied by the EU (thank you, Mr Ed Miliband: we’ve not forgotten!) which weren’t applicable back in India, where the EU even handed out extra money (ours!) to producers to help with cleaning their environment.

Now China is producing even cheaper steel, and is ‘flooding the market’ so that production at the largest steel plant, in Port Talbot, Wales, owned by Tata, is likely to close with the loss of over 1,000 jobs.

As always, the Government is hugely surprised: this was so unpredictable, wasn’t it – only, William Dartmouth MEP wrote a letter about just this problem to the EU Commissioner Ms Malmstroem about just this question in November last year.

Of course, nothing could be done about this problem, because the EU, while “concerned”, had to carefully investigate and then perhaps negotiate some new legislation, or something … You can read the two letters here. That exchange was over four months ago, and the hot air produced by Ms Malmstroem in her letter is a thing of beauty (not!).

Now Government is in panic mode and very very concerned: such surprise – and there are assembly elections in Wales next month. What to do? Send the business minister, Sajid Javid, to talk … find a culprit … China! Surely that will do?

There is just a little snag: the EU.

Surprised? Not any longer, are we!

What is surprising however is that apparently even economics journalists can’t see it, here’s an example . Blame the Government by all means, even blame the EU and China – but never say outright where the error lies, never come to the right conclusion when comparing the EU, the UK and the USA in regard to dumping policies: we’d be far better off OUT! Mentioning this, as a British steel manufacturer does – see the report on his BBC interview here – has no effect on the Westminster MSM writings.

But above all, let’s keep the plebs quiet and tell them that there’ll be another buyer (another Indian tycoon, or even Germany, where Tata is ‘in talks’). Let’s pronounce loftily that forthwith all public bodies in the UK must buy British steel, from the NHS even unto HS2, that white elephant rail ‘project’, as reported in the Express and by the BBC. That’s what government is for, isn’t it!

There’s just a little snag: the EU.

No, that’s no longer a surprise, is it!

What is surprising is that our own Government – never mind the hacks writing in the Establishment MSM – doesn’t have a clue that this proposal is not only beyond ridiculous, it’s downright nasty, raising hopes in workers faced with losing their jobs. Mike Hookem MEP sets them right in this tweet – but he’s only a UKIP MEP, so what does he know …! Readers commenting on the report in the Express (see link above) also know.

Why is that? Do they, do we have better information than the Government and the incredibly well educated economics writers? A few years ago that would have looked unlikely, but thanks to the internet, allowing more and more of us to read what Government, Whitehall and the Westminster MSM don’t want us to read, we now are indeed much better informed – and we talk about it.

Above all, and unlike all those who live comfortably inside the Westminster bubble, we do not make ourselves wilfully blind to the one thing which has got us into this mess and is incapable of getting us out: Brussels!

We in the UK are not ‘allowed’ to negotiate trade deals with China in the first place, and of course not with any other country – we must wait on Brussels to produce tons of paper, to allow all Big Business lobbyists to have their say and get their thirty pieces of silver each, and for Brussels bureaucrats to check and re-check that every single ‘i’ is properly dotted, every single ‘t’ properly crossed. It takes years.

But then again – if one cannot speak, write or even think that there actually is one glaring solution to this and other problems, a solution called BREXIT, then one has to keep on obfuscating, lying, dithering and bemoaning the fact that “we are powerless”.

Yes – we are indeed powerless, and will remain so as long as we’re chained to the corpse that is the EU.

Given the stark choice between going under, powerlessly, or rescuing ourselves by taking our country back, it’s quite obvious what any sane person would choose: BREXIT! Freedom! More jobs! Better trade!

Let’s rescue ourselves powerfully, let’s get rid of our chains on June 23rd by voting OUT!

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