UKIP:- Nigel FarageWe face a ‘direct threat to our civilisation’ 

Common-Sense:- Breitbart: Farage: Leave campaign must ‘attack the enemy’s goal’ on immigration or risk losing the referendum:

BBC: EU Referendum: Nigel Farage tells leave campaigners to focus on migration:

The Sun: London could be next: Nigel Farage warns Brexit is the only way to stop rampaging Jihadis:

BBC: Farage: I’ve not spoken to UKIP candidate Neil Hamilton:

Inverness Courier: ‘The idea that Scotland loves the EU isn’t true,’ says Nigel Farage: 

Evening Standard: London Votes: Daisy McAndrew interviews UKIP mayoral candidate Peter Whittle:

Brexit:- Express: Brexit Boost: Labour supporters back leaving EU because the working class will benefit: 

Mail: Vote Leave to avoid conflict in Europe, minister warns:

Telegraph: Michael Ancram: After 40 years of being lied to, it’s time to leave the EU:

Evening Standard: 100 leading city names sign letter backing Brexit:

Telegraph: Brexit: Staying in the EU is a bigger risk then leaving, claims city veteran:

Express: Exclusive: Can Ireland block Brexit?

Home-Affairs:- Mail: Police told to be prepared to prosecute dozens of Tory candidates:

EUreka:- EU military rehearses for civil war in Germany: Yes Germany! 

Express: ‘An ENORMOUS mistake’ Italy threatens Austria over shutting migrant borders across Alps:

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