Greetings from Birmingham and from inside the Conference  Centre!



I’m using this space to report on my impressions around Conference. Our associate editor Mark Angelides will do the live blogging today.

As you know, we have our UKIP Daily Stand and while we’ve not yet set everything up, I’ve got myself on the wifi and am ready to go.

My previous experiences were as ordinary member who had to wait for the doors to open. Having a fringe meeting as we did in Bournemouth didn’t get us in early, nor having a (much coveted!) press pass last year in Torquay meant I could turn up at cock’s crow.

But toady – ahhh! To get in and meet all the lovely ladies from Lexdrum House setting up shop -that was great. Let me here sing their praises again – a more helpful and kind bunch of ladies you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

So now I’ve got my wrists adorned with the appropriate wristbands – one for us ‘exhibitors’, a.k.a. working stiffs, one for ‘Press’  …

Last evening was the Party Chairman’s Reception. It was a lovely gathering of Kippers who’d come from further away and were staying overnight to attend Conference today. This is why I find myself addicted to attend Conference: to meet old friends, have a relaxed chat, catch up with what has happened. Lots of laughter … I’ll refrain from name-dropping, but the UKIP Big Beasts were there.

Walking to and from the venue from my hotel last evening was an experience – it was that windy and rainy. Today its wall-to-wall sunshine but crisp and blowy. People are starting to arrive so I’ll stop here.


Stand by for updates!


It’s now past ten – people are streaming into the audience for the first speeches. That means it’s getting a bit quieter here at our stands. We’ve had a stream of visitors – lovely to meet our contributors face-to-face. Many are avid UKIP Daily readers and have been given little lemon and choccie wafers.

Also, ICYMI, we’ve had connectivity problems and thus Debbie’s News review has been delayed – but it will come out.

Last Update:

Dear readers – this day was most enjoyable for Debbie and me – the most enjoyable day at Conference we’ve had in along time. So we didn’t hear the speeches, there was no live stream on the venue screens and the wifi has slowed down considerably with so many using it.

Our Associate editor Mark Angelides has been reporting on the speech by Gerard Batten – I’ll report what the members said when they came streaming out: it was excellent! Neil Hamilton’s speech earlier also won huge applause, and the speech by Paul Oakley on Immigration also came in for lots of praise.

But this day was about networking for UKIP Daily – and Debbie and I enjoyed ourselves thoroughly! Meeting so many readers, so many new readers – simply priceless.

When we get the videos of the speeches we will publish them1


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