2017 was more than turbulent for Kippers. From the Stoke by-election to preparing for the local elections to swinging into May’s General Election and then into the UKIP Leadership elections: it seems we spent more months campaigning and electioneering than in any other year: for nine months were ordinary Kippers asked to ‘do something’ – some of us are still recovering!

The articles presented below are those which you, the readers, choose yourselves, the ones which you read and talked about, the ones with the highest number of readers.

Here they are, posted for each calendar month and according to their date of posting. We have omitted videos – Nigel Farage is always a huge hit, letters generally and ‘Open Letters’.


The following three articles were a good indicator for the themes occupying writers and readers in the coming 12 months:

A Sickness of the Mind – posted on January 3rd 2017 by Viv Evans (682 readers, link)

Conspiracy Theory vs. Conspiracy fact – posted by Jack Thomas on January 17th 2017(915 readers, link)

The United Kingdom and The Threat of Sharia Law – this guest contribution by Dr. Deeba Abedi, Indian-American writer, women’s rights activist and physician, was posted on January 28th 2017 (924 readers, link)


Not surprisingly, articles on the by-elections were the ones with the highest number of ‘hits’:

Breaking: UKIP MEP says Paul Nuttall is a liar! – a satirical article by Jonathan Arnott, posted on February 15th 2017 (650 readers, link)

STOKE-ON-TRENT: THE RESULTS – this article, on the aftermath of the Stoke by-election by Viv Evans, was posted on February 24th 2017 (744 readers, link)

The Image of UKIP – Gerry Robinson posted this article on Feb 28th 2017 (633 readers, link)


Temperatures and tempers were rising in this month. Writers and readers became deeply engaged in debates on the future of UKIP, but one subject  occupied the minds of our readers the most: islam. Many fine articles were posted in this month which attracted well over 500 readers each – there were even a handful of articles with well over 1,000 readers – but the interest the following three articles elicited surpassed those by far:

UKIP must face Islam, or die – the first article posted by Anne Marie Waters on UKIP Daily, on March 8th (9,515 readers, link).

British Law and Sharia Law – an edited version of her speech at a meeting organised by Lord Pearson, posted by Anne Marie Waters on March 19th 2017 (3,151 readers, link).

UKIP policy change from anti- to pro-halal slaughter – this article by Hugo Jenks, co-authored by Ian Kealey and posted on March 27th 2017, kicked of the Halal-debate (4,025 readers, link).


The local election results, Mark Reckless AM’s defection to the Tories: reports and articles on those events and other great articles on the future of UKIP – often with well over 500 ‘hits’ – were overshadowed by Theresa May’s call for the snap GE, with a more general article on UKIP also attracting many readers:

UKIP’s Future – posted by Anish Patel on April 8th 2017, before the GE was called. (1,208 readers, link)

The Snap GE and UKIP – posted by Viv Evans on April 20th 2017 when the GE was called (976 readers, link)

GE 2017 – UKIP, the ‘Burkha Ban’ and how to appease the establishment – posted after the ‘burkha ban’ by Viv Evans on April 29th 2017 (3,803 readers, link)


The Nation suffered two terrorist attacks this month. Many articles with over 500 readers – on the local election results, on Brexit, on immigration, on UKIP – were easily overshadowed by the articles addressing those events:

Heads firmly in the sand – posted on May 20th, 2017 by Viv Evans (1,339 readers, link)

You still dare call us islamophobes? – posted on May 24th by Viv Evans (3,833 readers, link)

Post Manchester, There Needs to be Leadership For Britain – posted on May 25th by Anne Marie Waters (2,564 readers, link)


After the results of the GE were in and after Paul Nuttall’s resignation, UKIP was facing a heap of shards – and a new Leadership contest. Many articles – again some great ones with more than 500 readers – dealt with this aftermath. The following articles garnered the most readers:

UKIP Leadership Election 2017 – posted by ‘sponplague’ on June 17th 2017 (4,140 readers, link)

Compare and Contrast: a Tale of Two ‘Marches’ – Jack Russell posted this article on the Football Lads’ Alliance March on June 26th 2017 (2,451 readers, link)

Appalling and outrageous – on Anne Marie Waters’ campaign launch,  posted by Viv Evans on June 29th 2017 (6,486 readers, link)


While the Nation relaxed, Kippers had no time for that sort of thing! A new Leader had to be elected, and the leadership campaign had unofficially started. Candidates were traveling the country and started to post statements. Also, the first reports of those meetings were coming in. The following articles attracted the largest number of readers:

UKIP Leadership Contest 2017: David Kurten AM – posted on July 4th 2017 b a staff writer (1,683 readers, link)

Life is Precious – the Case of Baby Charlie Gard – this article was posted by Nigel Moore on July 19th 2017 (1,242 readers, link)

Anti-Sharia but Pro-Halal? – posted by Hugo Jenks on July 25th 2017 (2,172 readers, link)


The leadership campaign was now in full swing. UKIP Daily received many excellent reports from the hustings taking place across the country. These reports as well as other great articles often attracted well over 500 readers each – but one event stole the limelight: Henry Bolton’s legal challenge to the NEC to allow AMW on the ballot:

HENRY BOLTON CHALLENGES THE NEC ON THEIR DECISION TO ALLOW ANNE MARIE WATERS TO STAND – posted by Viv Evans on August 25th 2017 (1,913 readers, link).

The NEC and that legal challenge – posted by Dr Tomasz Slivnik on August 26th 2017 (1,287 readers, link).

BOLTON WITHDRAWS HIS CHALLENGE – ANNE MARIE WATERS STAYS ON THE BALLOT – posted by Viv Evans on August 26th 2017 (1,906 readers, link).


The prospect of the AGM with the announcement of the new leader was now looming for the end of the month. There were a large number of outstanding articles and candidate statements published, with ‘hits’ regularly reaching the 1,000s. The very first statement we received from Henry Bolton attracted more readers than those by the other candidates:

INCREASE IN ISLAMIC TERRORIST ATTACKS – A RESPONSE – posted by Henry Bolton on September 19th 2017 (1,907 readers, link).

Since politics outside UKIP did not stand still, we feel justified to publish his Open Letter to the PM, on her ‘Florence’ speech, also because it got more hits than any other Open Letter this year:

Dear Prime Minister … posted by Henry Bolton on September 23rd 2017 (2,249 readers, link)

Digging ourselves out of the hole we are in – Founder member Hugh Moelwyn Hughes posted this proposal on September 27th 2017, in the run-up to the AGM (1,778 readers, link).

And since we do not elect a new leader every month or even, contrary to past experience, every year (we hope!), we add a fourth article for this month, the report of the announcement from the AGM in Torquay:

HENRY BOLTON IS THE NEW LEADER – posted by Debbie on September 29th 2017 (1,313 readers, link)


By now we were all exhausted. So reader numbers dropped. Still, there were a few articles addressing the aftermath of the AGM and the future of UKIP, so you’ll get four top articles this month as well:

AGM 2017 – The aftermath – posted by Viv Evans on October 1st 2017 (1,468 readers, link).

My day at the Leadership Count: a report – posted by Jeff Wyatt on October 2nd 2017 (1,219 readers, link)

UKIP’s Vice – posted by ‘Stout Yeoman’ on October 4th 2017 (1,121 readers, link)

There’s a new Party in town, what do we know about For Britain – posted by Gary Conway on October 11th 2017 (2,982 readers, link)


Many members had left the Party by now. Quite a few of them were regular readers of UKIP Daily. The lower numbers of ‘hits’ per article reflects their absence. Many excellent articles on subjects such as fracking and election reform were posted, and ‘Comrade K’ started a new series of articles: “Grasping the Nettle”. Still, readers most wanted to hear about their new leader, so reports of meetings with him attracted their attention –  and there was that ITV programme designed to smear AMW, with two reviews, so here are another four articles for you:

ITV’s “Undercover – Inside Britain’s Far Right”. A Review – posted by Viv Evans on November 11th 2017 (760 readers, link)

Undercover Hardcash Productions – ITV, 9-11-17 – posted by Jeff Wyatt on November 11th 2017 (651 readers, link)

UKIP Newport (South) Branch meeting hosting Henry Bolton – posted by Joe Crocker on November 14th 2017 (662 readers, link)

Making Brexit happen – posted by Rosie Beattie on November 26th 2017 (478 readers, link)


Finally – the end of this year is in sight, a year that was more turbulent than usual. While interest in the more ‘meaty’ articles had not flagged, the issues addressed in the articles below accrued the most hits, perhaps hinting that these issues will merit our attention in 2018: political correctness, hate speech, transgender issues – and what is happening in UKIP:

Where are our MEPs? – posted by Russell Hicks on December 10th 2017 (612 readers, link)

DEFIANCE IN THE WELSH ASSEMBLY – posted by Viv Evans on December 16th 2017 (551 readers, link)

The transgender agenda – posted by Alan Craig on December 17th 2017 (567 readers, link)

~~~ *** ~~~

Allow me to give credit also to those regular authors whose articles attracted so many readers – only to be overshadowed by ‘events’, as is usual in politics. In no particular order, they are: James Dalton, Torquil Dick-Erikson, ‘flyer’, Jack Thomas, Schrödinger’s cat, Stout Yeoman, Freddy Vaccha, David Allen, Comrade ‘K’ , Julian Flood, Michael Shrimpton and many more. Their articles always got a large readership but … ‘events’!

Articles by the UKIP grandees Gerard Batten, Jonathan Arnott and Roger Helmer also had lots of readers – but at least, being politicians, they know about the power of ‘events’.

A huge thank you goes to all the wonderful writers-of-letters whose input always attracts a large number of readers.

Last but by no means least: thank you very much to all you indefatigable comment posters, especially those who also write articles! Please keep writing: you make UKIP Daily what it is!

The UKIP Daily editors wish you all a very Happy, Prosperous and Successful New Year!


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