The Telegraph 

Fox-hunting ban to be relaxed under new proposals

David Cameron’s £2,000 tax cut for small businesses

White boys ‘the problem’ for Britain’s schools, says aide


The Guardian

Detectives release efits of Madeleine McCann suspect

Osborne opens doors to rich Chinese

Public back royal charter press plan


The Independent

Lagarde: US lawmakers risk tipping world into recession

Beyond the mud and trenches: BBC’s plans for the centenary of World War One

A kiss goodbye: Sir Richard Branson on why he’s leaving Britain for good

Four arrested in London terror raids


The Daily Mail

You must slash benefits for EU migrants, insists Boris: PM urged to act as those here without a job hit 600,000 – see our editorial at 9am for our take on this story.

One hospital in three is going abroad in hunt for new nurses: Managers travel to Greece, India and the Philippines in a bid to tackle understaffed wards

UK to relax visa rules for Chinese visitors in bid to attract billions of pounds of investment


The Express

Replay of fateful evening could bring new clues in Madeleine McCann search

Green taxes will hike up energy bills by almost £300 by 2020

‘Britain is overcrowded and we want Government to cut immigration,’ says public majority


The BBC Website

Four arrested in London terror raids

UK to relax Chinese visa rules


Sky News Website

Terror Arrests: Four Men Detained In London

Unemployed Migrants: ‘600,000 Living In UK’

Energy Prices: Labour Accuses PM Of Being ‘Weak’


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