Do you remember the time of the last Financial Crisis? Our government, apparently, never saw the crisis coming. They scrambled around to protect the banks at our expense and the last people they thought about were the ones they were supposedly elected to represent. As long as their banking masters were OK.

Now we see from document FCO30/1048 that our government, led by Edward Heath the paedophile, knew precisely the likely sovereignty sapping effects of “Common Market membership” as it was called then.

Our government plotted treason to sell out our country from beneath us; they propagated lies and deceit that have been continued by successive governments to this day. The plan was that by the time we realised we were being sold out it would be too late.

We’re in exactly the same situation with the Islamic invasion of our country. The government will continue with the lie that “Islam is a religion of peace,” until it’s too late and were all kneeling to Allah.

The mask is starting to slip, isn’t it? It’s becoming clearer by the day that whoever our government represents it isn’t We the People; we don’t live in a democracy and they are a long way from being fit for purpose.

What do we do about it?

UKIP is currently dismayed at its lack of electoral success and parliamentary representation, but is this a bad thing? Do we really want to be playing the enemies game?

Let me give you an example from my own life, one that I feel is highly relevant.

I used to go with my first wife to a lovely champagne bar for the odd bottle. It had a lovely atmosphere and pleasant clientele. A man started frequenting the bar, a local and highly ranked Tae Kwon Do expert that obviously spent an enormous amount of time in the gym.

This Karate man was popular with some of the local lads as they thought he was cool to hang out with. He would espouse peace and love, until he had one too many drinks and then he was dangerous. One of his friends in another of the town’s pubs had recently put a friend’s brother into an intensive care unit for no apparent reason.

I always refused to acknowledge this thug or talk to him at all. I could see what he really was and didn’t want him to be a part of my life. He had a chip on his shoulder and couldn’t stand being ignored. I used to catch him glaring at me and I knew one day our paths would cross.

I knew that when this happened, I couldn’t afford to get into a slugfest with this man since he’d probably hurt me. I kept an eye on him, watched the way he moved and walked, where he focussed his attention etc. He was very overconfident and that’s a good thing, that’s when they make mistakes. For instance, men that are good with their fists always forget to look out for their legs and it so often is their legs.

One day I was sitting in a quiet corner and he came over to me, his cheeks glowing with booze and was far more aggressive than I could have imagined. I’d already planned my strategy for my defence, to take him down if I had to.

I still refused to talk to him and just walked away while he was ranting at me. If he wanted to attack me he was going to have to do it from behind in a busy bar with plenty of reliable witnesses. I would not be responsible for what happened next. The man looked puzzled; he couldn’t understand why I wasn’t scared of him. I left him sitting there and thankfully never saw him again.

The point is, often it is a mistake to play somebody else’s game, particularly if they are better at it than you are. If I’d have been goaded into a fight, I’d have risked being hurt. Sometimes it pays to think laterally.

Winning is winning, it doesn’t matter how you get there. Diego Maradona knew he was cheating when he won the 1986 FIFA world cup with his famous Hand of God, as did the rest of the world, but Argentina still won the cup.

Donald Trump knew this when he won the presidency of the USA. He’s a winner against the odds and he left the losing to bitter, twisted Hillary and her “if only this and if only that”.

UKIP to my mind are winners. The party achieved magnificent success when it not only won us an EU referendum but was instrumental in winning it. UKIP should be proud.

So UKIP doesn’t have any seats in Westminster. Not only has a it done very well without them, but when you consider what a corrupt, mendacious and unfit institution Westminster has become, does UKIP really need to go there? Does it need to play their game and by doing so give help to legitimise it?

UKIP has done a lot to wake up the people of the UK to our government and the threat of Brussels. If it were not for UKIP we wouldn’t even have the chance that we have of leaving the EU.

We British unfortunately have a sense of fair play; not many other nationalities do and they take advantage of us, particularly the Muslims with their technique of Taqiyya. Perhaps it’s time to stop playing by other peoples’ rules and fight under some of our own. Hopefully not violently, as I think the government would love that as an excuse to suppress us into a totalitarian nightmare.

If UKIP keeps campaigning and waking people up, one day we will find the Achilles Heel of our enemies. One day we will take the enemies’ feet right out from underneath them.

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