Guy Parfitt, one of the organisers of a recent meeting in Wiltshire, sent us this report of the meeting.  Pictured above are the speakers.


Campaigners calling for democratic reform met in Malmesbury, Wiltshire on Saturday 9th June 2018 to outline possible solutions to address the lack of current representation within England, post Brexit. The event was compèred by UKIP South West of England chairman Richard Ford, and UKIP Wiltshire chairman Martin Costello represented the party during the speeches.

In total nine speakers from different parties and organisations spoke proposing radical changes and on subjects which included PR, an English Parliament, a Wessex Parliament, Cornish Parliament,  as well as freedom of speech and ancient liberties.

Said Guy Parfitt one of the event organisers: “There was almost consensus that PR should happen as soon as possible, good support for a national parliament for England and less enthusiasm for regional set-ups in Wessex and Cornwall. And there was much concern that censorship is threatening free speech –  and that liberties and freedoms taken for granted not so long ago, were at risk.”

See the speaker’s comments by clicking on their names below.

Richard Ford

Martin Costello

Luke Nash-Jones

Eddie Bone

Stephen Morris

Klina Jordan

Colin Bex

Paul Holmes

Roger Wright-Morris

Norman Hamilton

An analysis of proportional representation, free speech and an English parliament was given by Jeff Taylor.

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