The Telegraph 

Nick Clegg ‘pandering to Labour’ over free schools

Andrew Mitchell deserves ‘plebgate’ apology, ministers say

Alex Salmond: Scottish independence would not mean end of Great Britain

Archbishop hits out at energy firms over price hike

Anger with EC over migrant report

Christian sues over Sunday shifts


The Guardian

Hinkley nuclear power station gets go-ahead

Huhne: investigate Tempora sign-off

Clegg and Laws clash over teaching

Saving the planet from short-termism will take man-on-the-moon commitment


The Independent

Firms running NHS care avoiding millions in tax

The ‘growing problem’ of forced conversion to Islam inside Britain’s jails

Government faces a perfect storm over energy bills


The Daily Mail

What a waste of good food! Tesco admits two thirds of bagged salads end up in bin as it signals end to ‘buy one, get one free’ deals

Nigella says feminism is to blame for women’s ‘dread of the kitchen’

Half of today’s babies will see their parents split up by the time they reach the age of 15

The rise of ‘motherism’: Stay-at-home mothers face prejudice assuming they are lazy, stupid and unattractive, expert warns


The Express

You idle lot! Boss’s anger as no one applies for 50 new jobs

Cut taxes for Middle Britain urge senior Tory MPs


The BBC Website

Nuclear power plant set for go-ahead

University demand ‘to rise by 26%’

Pair charged with terror offences


Sky News Website

Inmates Bullied Into Converting To Islam

Nick Clegg: No ‘Coalition Crisis’ Over Schools


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