This letter from a UKIP Daily reader is of general interest:

Dear Editor,
From what I can gather from Obama’s recent intervention into our affairs, it seems to me the United States still consider we are their 51st State.  As he says, it is in the US interest for GB to remain in the EU – nothing to do with what the British voters interests are.  As regards the so called ‘special relationship’ that only happens when the US move their goalposts to provide a special relationship.  We are certainly not going to get a trade agreement as our relationship in that case is not special enough!

When the United States want support, want to once again invade another nation that does not accept their view on the World, expects to get GB to obediently go along with them, we should remind them and say “sorry Yanks, we are at the back of the line!”

It was cynical of Obama to bring up the dead from two World Wars as political point making, saying the US dead entitled the US to have a say in our referendum.  The US entered WW2 following Pearl Harbour, they did not enter because of what Nazi Germany was doing.  If we are going to talk about war dead, I’ll be cynical and mention that most of the British casualties we have endured in modern action with the US have come from US ‘friendly fire’ which both the US and British governments try to keep silent about, we can’t upset the US – after all, we do have a special relationship.

If the US want to threaten us to vote as they want and exclude us for a very long time from any trade deals if we don’t, perhaps we should consider asking them to remove their military bases from our territory.  They could always locate them to France.  After all, as Obama often says, France is the US’s oldest ally.  As we are going to the ‘back of the line’ in trade, then it’s a useless exercise we trying to buy Trident as we are wasting our time, Obama has told us, in trade we go to the back.  We might as well use that money on something useful for the British people rather than it going into US banks.

As Obama is unsure about his history, I would remind him the war in 1776 was fought by British people, some Dutch, some Germans, living in the Americas who opposed the British Crown.  They were not Americans, there was no Americans!  It was a Civil War fought in America which brought about American Independence.  But those who fought on the winning side were British, Washington’s parents had come over from England and Washington originally had a commission in the British army.  The 23rd June is our 1776, we are fighting for the same reasons.

Boris is right.  Obama has a dislike for the British.  We all know what Boris meant, it was not racist.  The thing is we need a leader who is prepared to say things like that, who is prepared to be controversial in the support of our country and to hell with the political correctness.  Like him or loath him, Trump has gained huge support from large sections of the American people by standing for US values even if it means upsetting others.  We need that kind of leader who is prepared to stand up for British values and the British people.

We should remind these interfering nations leaders, the Spanish Armada, Napoleon, Hitler have all tried to take away our freedom and liberty by defeating us.  They did not succeed.  Britain carved out an Empire and became the most successful and admired nation in the World, this is where the Great in Britain come from.  This was done through British diplomacy, trade, science, medicine, engineering, industry, commerce – need I go on.  We are fully capable of doing that again and making Britain once again Great and taking ourselves away from the corrupt and anti-democratic EU.

Best regards,

Paul Maher

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