I would like to draw people’s attention to a Youtube video I watched on Dec 2nd.

This video gave the UK spending on Health, Education and Pensions as being in excess of £360bn.  That was the cost in 2017/18. It then reported that the financial benefit of immigration from 2000 to 2011 was £20bn.  We can do the sums and they do not give the number for the huge benefit of immigration they imply, even if these numbers were correct.  However, there is no breakdown to the demographics of immigrants, such as, which immigrants are contributing to their cost. The video does not quantify the cost in misery of housing shortages or the effects on education caused by the lack of English as a first language. Neither does it refer to the changing nature of many of our cities.

They then refer to the UK Media accusing them of deception. This is laughable when one considers the lack of reporting given to the ghettoization of immigrants in places like the East End of London, Birmingham and other main conurbations. This is not due to the British people! This is due to the lack of assimilation and the mass immigration policies of consecutive British Governments. Many would say the deception by the media is on the other side of the argument.

The 95% vote in favour of EU Laws would not be welcomed by most of the UK population if they had realised that many of the implications of EU directives where the reason for most of their dissatisfaction. The list is long and includes impacts on energy costs, NHS debt, the closing of Post Offices, spending on Transport, and the collapse of the Fishing Industry, mass immigration and the exodus of Manufacturers with EU subsidies. In fact, it is the very deceit of our politicians that is one of the issues at the heart of the whole EU debacle.

TransMarche is not a myth.  InteregV is currently running and is heavily funded by the European Regional Development Fund.  The breakup of national boundaries has been planned since the late 1980s and is well documented.  This video refers to this as a ‘comical myth’ and reminded me of Clegg’s reference to an EU Army.

The video then goes into personal attacks on those high-profile individuals who support Leave. It then states that immigration does not deflate wages when that point has been clearly established and after all makes perfect common sense.

The ‘Vote Leave versus % Graduate’ graph is worrying if anything in this video is to be believed.  But, as in the 1930s, the intelligentsia are no guardians of ‘common sense’, to the contrary, and we are all aware of the indoctrination in places of learning.

‘30% of UK children live in poverty’: any mention of the number of children who have fallen below the poverty line in Mediterranean countries? No!

The quote from Mr Posen representing an International Economics Institute is again laughable even while he is absolutely correct about the effects of trade barriers. This is possibly the very reason why the EU block is doing so badly compared to the rest of the world. It is for the very ability to trade without trade barriers or reduced trade barriers and with the ‘rest of the world’ that the UK should forgo its 7.4% of GDP free trade with the EU.  Will they stop trading when we import so much from them? This also counters the previous nonsense about being worse off, a naïve forecast for anything more than the short term.

The figures for trade with Ireland and China are misleading.  These are the figures I found for 2017:

  • UK Exports to Ireland 5.5% of total
    UK Exports to China 3.6% of total

(Source: see here and here)

Whether that is put as a financial amount or as a percentage of total is irrelevant as the ratio is clearly shown.

The Vote Leave camp is described as being the ‘arch instigators of electoral fear’. Was it an illusion that pressure was put on voters to achieve a Remain majority as the predictions of a ‘cliff edge’ scenario immediately after the result of the vote did not materialise?

Is not a growth rate reflective of a strengthening of the economy? Were people lying when they spoke of healthy rises in UK GDP? GDP predictions are notoriously unreliable, but didn’t we read that Britain had jumped towards the top of the G7 growth league only last August?  The actual results of the Q3 for 2018 shows that the UK has grown twice, yes twice, in percentage terms compared to that of the Eurozone, hardly the gloomy news being peddled. (Source: see here)

The video states that polls show that people would now rather remain in Europe.  First, using ‘Europe’ to describe the ‘EU’ is most likely not a mistake in such a smooth piece of propaganda.  Secondly, polls can be read any way one wants, such as the ones actually giving Remain as an option. It goes on to state that there is growing support for a ‘vote on the deal’. Is there? My understanding, from all I read and hear, is that most people are accepting that a vote has already been taken and we are leaving with or without a deal.

Finally, the video tries to take the moral high ground by stating: ‘if there were a final vote, facts would start to overcome fears’.  Perhaps, in the highly unlikely event that there were to be a ‘second referendum in 30 years’ time we would indeed not be subjected to ‘Project Fear’.

The reason I have written this rebuff to the video is that we need to be fully and more intensely aware of what is happening and what is going to happen. A battle is being fought right now and those who would like us to lose our country will fight dirty.  We can all draw parallels with past events where people were blatantly lied to for propaganda purposes. This video is spiteful with caricatures and is demonstratively deceitful. Perhaps we really are all just racists?

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