It has been pathetic hasn’t it, watching May and her government lie to us and back-peddle on Brexit. We’ve seen ‘project fear’ again used as a means to justify a soft Brexit and continued subservience to the EU.

Occasionally,  we read about the potential opportunities of Brexit, if only we had the vision: well here is my Brexit vision.

Globalism is something that was always going to happen, what with cheap air travel, modern communications and the Internet it was always just a question of time before we all got mixed up a bit.

The problem with globalism isn’t globalism itself, it’s globalists, a tiny minority of people that would like to control a globalised world to their exclusive advantage.

As I’ve written in previous articles, in my travels around the world, I’d always noticed the ghost of an empire. Many people around the world were glad to get their countries back, as we would be now, but they were still comfortable doing business with us.

The Commonwealth countries were a bit hurt and upset by our treatment of them, but I always got the feeling they’d forgive us and welcome us back.

Upon us winning the Brexit referendum my feelings were proved to be correct, countries from all over the world were queuing up to sign trade deals and do business with us. Of course our government has seen fit to squander these opportunities and keep us tied to the EU.

Here is an interesting video, it’s about an hour but worth watching: “What Caused The Great Depression? | Lawrence W. Reed and Stefan Molyneux”

As Lawrence and Molyneux point out, it is the Federal Reserve and government intervention that caused The Great Depression through massive credit expansion and other market manipulations.

We’re in a very similar situation today; it just hasn’t fully manifested itself yet. These episodes are usually punctuated with war and I keep my fingers crossed The Donald can avoid this and steer the US economy through.

The problems though are caused by globalists, Central Banks, certain politicians and intra national organisations like The European Union and the United Nations that would like to manipulate a rapidly globalising world to their own ends.

We’ve certainly seen the Democrats in the US, certain UK and European politicians beat the drums of war against Russia. Putin very wisely decided he didn’t want the EU on his doorstep as shown by events in the Ukraine.

The economic and financial world will probably look very different a few years down the road though. It is very possible that the US will succumb to its massive multi trillion dollars of debt, its reserve currency status and petrodollar will have to compete with the petroyuan.

It’s usual during these financial depressions for the reserve currency to relocate and I still think that Trump is the best man to see the US through this. Trump is a skilled businessman and he will have to realign the US economy.

China and  Russia are accumulating thousands of tons of gold and along with Iran and a growing list of other countries, are preparing to trade oil and other commodities in Yuan. China is also developing and investing trillions of Yuan in its New Silk Road.

Thinking strategically, it seems that there are developments in the world economy that will, perhaps after some years of economic and possibly military turmoil, leave Europe looking rather small and isolated. Particularly the EU will be isolated if it insists on building an army (which we should have no part of) and getting involved in a war against Russia.

Britain I feel, if free of the EU and allowed to trade on truly free global markets, will be in a very strong trading position. So much of the world has been enthusiastic to sign trade deals with us, the Commonwealth the US, much of Asia and free of the EU, I’m sure Russia too.

All of these countries have done business with us before. In a rapidly changing world old contacts and acquaintances are still valuable, Britain has the potential to be a very successful and important trading nexus.

Russia will be a big part of this realigned world economy and understandably may be very reluctant to form close trading ties with the EU. Perhaps in a few years the EU will be on bended knees to us for a trade deal or maybe we’ll sign trade deals with European countries as they leave the EU?

Properly handled and with strategic vision and management the UK has enormous potential, but it seems the blinkered Theresa May would rather keep us tied to the globalists, the New World Order that is really the Old World Order, an Old World Order with a history of periodically ruining and killing millions of people in pursuit of its own interests and wealth.

The EU itself just does not work economically; it was always politically driven and if we don’t break free we’ll be dragged down with it.

So there’s my vision for Brexit. You may have yours – fair enough; things are unlikely to pan out just as I have suggested.

However, the important point is the difference between globalisation and being dominated by globalists, people that would like to mould a globalising world to their sole advantage.

Globalists in the UK include not only Theresa May and her government but the whole of the LibLabCon. I’ve had enough of them and I hope you have too.

I’m very sure that the future of Britain is as a dynamic and independent trading nation, UKIP and could still be a huge driving force behind our independent trading future.

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