Many if not all of you will have been out campaigning, and may have attended local debates. Many of you will have gained a fair estimate of the mood and attitude of the people ‘on the ground’.

We’ve received this letter from one of our contributors, with a proposal I heartily endorse:

“On Friday evening I attended an EU Debate at a local Village Hall.  There were about 100 present.  the ‘before vote’ was approx  42% Leave and 32% Remain.  The ‘after vote’ was, once again approx, 62% Leave and 35% Remain.  You will notice that most ‘Undecideds’ chose to Leave.

It occurs to me that there will be many such Debates taking place throughout the country and if the results could be brought together it might provide a better idea of likely voting intentions than do the polls conducted by commercial operations.

Would it be possible for you to ask your readers to report results of debates they are aware of?

Ted Wildey”

So – I call on our readers and their friends to send me your estimates, your straw polls which you’ve taken on the ground, your impressions at such debates. Thus we can have a picture of what real people really think – not what some people tell to some polling institutes.

This is not a scientific enterprise, but a gauge of the opinions of those who are fully committed one way or another, and of those who are still undecided.

It is the “undecided” voters who will win this Referendum.

A word of caution: such results, encouraging as they are, do not mean we can become complacent and assume the battle is over – it is not, by any means!

Such estimates show us however where to put in greater effort to turn the ‘undecided’ into ‘leavers’.

Send your information to and we’ll collate the results and publish them at the end of this week.

You e-mail addresses will of course not be published, and you can certainly remain anonymous if you so wish.

Over to you!

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via VisualHunt / CC BY-SA
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