Ed – UKIP Daily presents Part II of this article by Comrade K. You can read Part I here.

It’s only in hindsight that the scale of the damage wreaked on this country by the supposedly moderate New Labour government has become apparent: a Chancellor posing as the dour prudent Scots stereotype engineering a credit boom while failing to pay down debt, hiding runaway public spending by financing it with off balance sheet pay-through-the-nose private finance initiatives, destroying our pension schemes, bailing out insolvent banks with huge sums on taxpayers’ money when the bubble finally burst, saddling generations to come with a staggering debt and eroding our savings with negative real interest rates; the introduction “Human Rights” and “Equalities” Acts which created an industry for lawyers to thwart the effective operation of the criminal justice and deportation systems, mandated political correctness throughout society and criminalised dissenting opinions; the deliberately acceleration of mass immigration to unsustainable and destructive levels to “rub the right’s nose in it” and, on Mervyn King’s recommendation, keep down wages for their very own core voters; and spending billions more of our money perpetrating wars in the Middle East causing untold death, suffering and destruction and creating failed states which serve as breeding grounds for the very Islamic extremism they claimed to be destroying.

And how much better have our Tory-led governments been in the 8 years since? Well they reined in some of the excesses of public spending with an austerity programme which wasn’t very austere and has seen the national debt continue to grow. Apart from that they’ve maintained and/or deepened all the above policies. They told us they’d reduce immigration to the tens of thousands, but that was a lie. They told us “Brexit means Brexit”, and that was a lie too.

Teresa May as Home Secretary declared she didn’t want the Conservatives to be seen as the “nasty” party. She slashed our border force and coastguard; politicised policing through the introduction of (mostly Labour) Police & Crime Commissioners; cut police funding to the point that no longer have the resources to tackle everyday crime; has the police stand by while gangs of looters smashed and burned their way across London; gave her blessing to sharia courts; continued to turn a blind eye to Muslim rape gangs and FGM.

Under a Tory government, Britain in 2018 is a country where peaceful conservative commentators and activists are detained and turned away at the border, independent journalists are swiftly jailed for reporting on mass rape trials, you can lose your job and/or be prosecuted for expressing the wrong opinion, legislation is contemplated to enable people to simply change their ‘gender identity’ regardless of biological reality and the mass media pumps out an almost-Soviet controlled and selective uniform narrative.

When the Tories are already this bad, just how much worse could a Corbyn government be?

Incredible as it seems, Britain still isn’t anywhere near socialist enough for many on the left like Corbyn. They still hanker after radical change. What might this radical change be?

A look at their 2017 manifesto emphasises ‘fairer’ ‘sharing’ of wealth and says lots of nice-sounding fluffy things about investment, training and helping everyone prosper. They’ll spend more on housing, the NHS, mental health, more police, local services, the arts, a National Care Service, a National Education Service and provide more in the way of social security and employment rights – most of which are nice-to-haves.

Of course this means a massive increase in public spending will come with a price tag. Promising not to raise VAT, NI or income tax for those earning less than £80K, they will raise taxes for the top 5%, increase corporation tax and clamp down on tax evasion – i.e. ‘squeeze the rich until the pips squeak’. Haven’t we tried this before in the 1960s & 1970s? Whatever the moral rights or wrongs about it, wealthy people will move their money out of the country and investment will take flight.

They will have an industrial strategy and renationalise public utilities – not things I necessarily disagree with – but Labour’s ability to run a pop festival is anything to go by, we’ll soon be following the Venezuelan model Corbyn so admires. One reason why so many Europeans come to find work in Britain is that this kind of interventionism and blurred relationship between government and corporatism practiced by our continental neighbours stifles enterprise and inhibits job creation, resulting in shocking youth unemployment rates.

Labour are ideologically wedded to open borders, mass immigration and multiculturalism, along with perpetuating the myth that those attacking Europe’s borders are refuges, not economic migrants. Expect them to wave in all the Calais Jungle and “child” refugees, along with taking our “fair share” of those allocated by the EU – i.e. a free-for-all, exacerbating welfare dependency, crime and no-go zones as we have seen in countries like Germany and Sweden.

It’s hard to imagine how they could be more out-and-out Cultural Marxist and censorious that the current Tory government is without pushing the general public over the edge. Of course, political correctness is the altar the left prays at and they are filled with a fanatical pseudo-religious zeal which will only be satisfied when their ideological opponents are eliminated forever. Expect them to push it farther. They’re itching to shut down the hated Murdoch press, with the Sun now being the only dissenting mass media outlet left. Unless they start breaking people’s doors down in the middle of the night and dragging them off the PC gulags though, most people will continue to grumble privately and keep their mouths shut in public, but not get off their backsides and into the street.

Imagining that life under a Corbyn government may be so bad that it provokes the British masses to wake up to the fact that the Labour party is in fact their enemy and consign them to history is a dangerous fantasy. It has echoes of ‘disaster socialism’ – a common left-wing delusion that economic collapse, social chaos or environmental calamity will bring about a revolution as the populace realises that collectivist socialism is the answer after all. It leads to wishing misery on ordinary people in the hope of a particular political outcome. Most of all events rarely pan out like that.

Government would be a poisoned chalice at this juncture for Corbyn and Labour, putting them in charge of delivering Brexit. Their confused position on Brexit would soon become apparent, as would the gulf Corbyn has been trying to hide between himself, a lifelong leftist Eurosceptic in the Bennite tradition, and the fanatical Remainerism of his young fans. The Chequers proposal seems designed to divide the Labour Party in its stipulation that the UK and EU agree a common position on state aid to industry. This is the one area above all others where Corbyn wants to be free of EU rules – and a concession the EU will never agree to.

Much as the establishment fears right wing populism, it doesn’t want Corbyn’s leftist populism either. The biggest danger I see of a Labour government is a palace coup by MPs toppling Corbyn, by which we would end up again ruled by globalist Remainer centre-left politicians.

At least Jeremy Corbyn might deliver us more of a Brexit than Theresa May will.


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