Ed: we received this excellent letter, per email,  from a ‘gentleman abroad’ (the ‘Asian’ continent) who sent it to one of our correspondents on the subject of muslim mayors now ‘governing’ our towns and cities. He was replying to this email:

“We are being ground down, there’s no doubt about that, but we all know what cornered rats do – and we don’t really want to go down that road … far too messy, but if needs must and the situation dictates, it will have to be.  No gain without pain, eh? Myself – I see no real alternative to a civil revolution. A good leader could possibly alter that course of our history – but there are none in sight.”

Both correspondents asked me to emphasise that they do not advocate violence on the streets of our towns and cities!

Both have given me permission to publish their emails.

I would add that we need imagination and clever plans to effect change without violence – brains not brawn. We don’t need the outdated ‘street theatre’ so beloved by the Left and their shock troops (a.k.a. antifa) which always ends in violence. So let’s start thinking outside the box …

Here is the text:

Dear xyz,

Why don’t you have a sit down demonstration outside Buckingham Palace much like you did at the time of Princess Di’s death.  It will very likely force the Queen to come out and find out what’s going on, or send St. Boniface (and I use the epithet advisedly) to inquire, at least.

Forget the Princes, the Queen is not so senile as yet as to be blissfully unaware of public sentiment.  She has to have her informers, even if the BBC has been subverted.

What about getting the big businesses on your side?  They must be suffering too. Remember the Germans getting industrialists to blindly support Nazism?  And don’t the British Mandarins ever step into a pub to let their hair down on occasion? They can be buttonholed there, surely?

Prima facie, and based on our Indian experience, I would prognosticate your condition as an example of “Every man (and woman, of course) has his price.”  And it would appear that that price has been paid beyond your officials’ wildest expectations (most probably by the Saudis). The best brains having been destroyed in two World Wars may be factually correct, but whatever few remain cannot carry on like clowns in search of a comedy.  Something is surely rotten in the state of England.

As an aside, I remember an Englishman, flush with the bonhomie that only the finest Scotch can induce, contemptuously telling an Arab attache in Calcutta that all his ancestors ever did to distinguish themselves was to park their camels in the right place.  I will never forget the Arab’s face as long as I live, but the Brit was right. It’s been easy come and easier go for them so far. So why not use their ill gotten gains to secure a niche for themselves in more comfortable and industrially developed climes through the incentive of illegal gratification?  Before fracking and Tesla make oil wells obsolete?

I am not conversant with gun laws in England.  Can the dissidents at least arm themselves to the teeth so that they can take a few “immigrants” with them as they are themselves made to violently depart the earth?

Or hire mercenaries to do the dirty.

Or, like the Chinese, pass laws denying families any social benefits if they have more than two children. Tax them instead. That will at least equalise numbers to some extent, once the undesirables cannot feed off the fat of the land any more.  

Tragically, of course, your administrators seem to be trying to imitate the actions of lemmings instead of imitating the action of a tiger.  Your clergy have lost the gumption to defy Islam and are in a sellout mode, actively encouraging it instead by handing over churches to be converted into mosques.  Your next monarch may well take the title Sheikh Chilli (a well known buffoon in Urdu literature), in keeping with his Islamic predilections. You and your chums may have grown hoary with age but your generation will have to incite the younger generation to do something, dammit.  Don’t give up. Never give up till the fight is finished.

Sorry for the vehemence.  Feeling vexed and frustrated to witness the imminent fall of a once proud nation.  Who will we Wogs (which is supposedly an acronym for Western Oriented Gentlemen) have to look up to if the magnificent proponents of the justly famous Gunboat Diplomacy surrender meekly to the Rowboat Rabble?

Do forgive me for this tirade if you can but l really feel awful about you chaps being pulled down into a vortex that you have no call to be in.


Sincerely,  ABC


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