Dear Editor,

Political Correctness has made many people feel wary about speaking out about anything which could be branded as racist. This has held back intervention on a wide range of matters from authorities such as the police, local government, and above all our politicians who would have acted sooner in other circumstances.

Professor Stephen Oppenheimer made it clear in his writings that there is no such thing as ‘race’, only variations of DNA and genes. After all, we are all Africans if we go back far enough in our evolution. That’s where we all originated and from there on in it was evolution, adaptation to climate, the search for food, land, and safety.

However, there are very clearly variant cultures as seen in the conduct of Islamic militants and many others around the world.

I sincerely believe that the greatest current threat to the United Kingdom is not the European Union, though that is bad enough, but the alien cultures of the ever-growing number of uncontrolled immigrants is a far worse threat.

The waves of recent immigration into this country will, unless stopped, eventually change the culture of the United Kingdom into turmoil of unacceptable, unlawful, and uncivilised activities such as those we see daily in the Near East, Middle East, Asia, Africa and elsewhere around the world. Turmoil, cruelty, lawlessness, killing, slavery, and the continuous pursuit of personal power over people are endemic in many of these countries.

It has become clear that of these masses of immigrants, mostly young, fit, strong single men who falsely claim to be refugees who have arrived in the UK, few have any intention of integrating into our customary British way of life. Witness the virtual ghettos which currently exist in London, Bradford, Birmingham, and many other cities.

Far from integrating these millions of immigrants perpetuate their own cultures while taking full advantage of the benefits they can obtain from the British economy, legal and welfare systems and the politically weak approach of our politicians to their transgressions against our society.

Does anyone believe that, while under the growing control of their Imams and other leaders, they will willingly give up the practices listed below?

To clarify these issues further we might ask, “What is this British Culture which we hope will survive.”

Rather than say what British culture is, it is simpler to say what it is not:

It is not the following:-

  1.   Forced arranged marriage including those of very young girls under the age of consent, to men they have never met.
  2. The marriage of second cousins or closer, generation after generation, to preserve the family business or wealth, i.e. Consanguinity. This leads to birth defects and genetic deterioration to the point of physical and mental disabilities of a significant nature.
  3.   FGM – Female Genital Mutilation.
  4.   Polygamy i.e. having two or more wives, sometimes as many as three or more, in a country which has strict monogamous laws.
  5.   Covering the whole of the body and face in such a manner that in many cases it becomes impossible to determine whether the individual is a man or woman, and all facial expressions are impossible to see and therefore interpret. In some cases, the wearing of such dress has been allowed in British courts of law.
  6.   Electoral vote rigging.
  7.   Schools where English is not the first language but their own alien cultures are taught and promulgated. Some of these schools have no indigenous white pupils.
  8.    The deliberate Islamisation of the UK through schools where Muslim activists and militants are taking over, as in e.g. the ‘Trojan Horse’ cases in Birmingham, where Muslim radicals moved the official British Department of Education’s curriculum towards Muslim agendas.
  9. Criminal behaviour from immigrants, statistically far in excess of the indigenous British ‘norm’.
  10. Declaring war on the country of which they are a citizen, already demonstrated by bombings and attempting beheadings, accompanied by refusing to follow the laws of the land. On the contrary, espousing the changing of British laws and culture to their own Muslim beliefs.
  11.    Within their own enclaves and ghettos, (frequently 50/60% of the UK towns they have settled in), practice of ‘Sharia’ law, administered by their Imams, rather than British law administered through the British legally constituted system.

If all the above was not enough to frighten us into doing something about uncontrolled immigration, the following statement proves Enoch Powell was right about his “Rivers of Blood” and should have convinced our politicians to do something more positive than they have.

The head of MI5 has said,

“Terror attacks cannot be completely prevented in a free society, plots were now harder to spot and being hatched in just days”.

Andrew Parker said the country was now facing an intense threat from violent Islamist extremists who were devising plots at a tempo he had not seen before in his 34-year-career.

The director general of the Security Service made a rare public appearance to outline the severity of the threat after four jihadist attacks that have killed 36 people since March.

A dramatic increase in the menace this year had seen attackers hatch plots in a matter of only days, he said.

Mr. Parker also warned that internet firms were inadvertently helping terrorists to conspire and they now had an ethical responsibility to help stop these worst excesses of criminal behaviour.

How can we in UKIP undo the work of Tony Blair and his ilk who so actively promoted mass immigration to the extent that we now have the equivalent of a fair size city added to our population every year?

Sincerely, Fabius Maximus

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