Written by Roger Wright-Morris

(Editor of Briefings for Freedom)

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[Ed: This article is a reply to Helena windsor’s article criticising the Great Barrington Declaration, published here.]

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Reason and Resolution produced Results against Fear, Falseness and Fascism

My mother recalled being pregnant in 1942 and the stray string of bombs that exploded on either side of the house near Birmingham whose shock waves brought my sister into the world. I followed shortly after D day. Those were the days when Reason and Resolution produced Results against Fear, Falseness and Fascism.

The men and women of today could be resolute but it is easier safer and more Woke not to be so. 

Unlawful Boris Diktats

This Government could be truthful and reasonable but that is hard work. It is easier to avoid details sweat and tears and never admit errors, but rather doggedly and with dimness support error with deceit, instil fear, and tighten control to destroy faith and democracy with tyranny and unlawfulness.

I say unlawful as the clarity of legal argument from Lord Sumption [Note 1] makes a strong case for immediate cessation of all Boris Diktats, arguable though the political Attorney General will inevitably contend it otherwise.

Lockdown Sceptics

I refer all readers to this excellent site where they will find all facts, graphs and other information that they need but will never find on the Boris releases. Accordingly I will not add to the length of this article by adding more than I must. 

The strength and spread of the Covid virus could only ever be calculated by looking at total deaths. That number found on the ONS was never enough when compared to the five year average, except around April 2020, despite the Boris Scamdemic and fear-control factors.

Kary Mullis, Mike Yeadon and Carl Heneghan

Kary Mullis was awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry. He said that “There is no gold standard for Covid”. A positive test is not proof of a disease. It is a surrogate test. It is not testing causation and so you cannot use the CPR test for diagnoses [Note 2]. There is a peer-reviewed article in the journal “Clinical Infectious Diseases” from Prof Carl Heneghan and others (link), concluding: “Complete live viruses are necessary for transmission, not the fragments identified by PCR. … Those with high cycle threshold are unlikely to have infectious potential.”
Initial results from Lateral Flow Tests from Austria mass tests (which Mike Yeadon et al explain here) show they are more accurate than PCR tests, see e.g. data from Austria,  e.g. in “Der Standard”. In Vorarlberg the positive rate was just under 0.4%, in Vienna around 0.5% and in Innsbruck 0.3% (in: “First interim results from Austria mass tests”, link).

Boris Piffle

Boris is deceitful in his persistence with his errors. He wrongfully calls a positive test a “case”. It is not so. Alas the failure of Hancock to understand maths [with which I deeply sympathise] adds more confusion. It is alleged that the false positive rate in the discredited PCR test is about 1% says Hancock [and up to 2.35% , others say]. Accordingly, if for example the covid rate is 0.1% then, if you are tested positive with a 1% false positive  rate, you at least 90% likely to be negative. In Hancock’s mistaken view the 100% positives are only likely to have an error factor of 1%. He is so wrong – and the higher cycles make his error even graver. There is no point it seems in any of this multi billions of pounds PCR testing. However, while the Lateral Flow Test has advantages it still has a false positive rate of circa 0.32% [Note 3].

The Vaccines

The trials were skimpy and will continue in a unique way by using the early applications as continued trials. There have now been changes in vaccine rules after the cases of Anaphylaxis.

The Great Barrington Declaration

The eminence of all the authors is beyond question. Their aim seems to me to have sought an escape route for Bois to back down with “honour intact”. It was wise, knowledgeable and diplomatic. It kept to the salient points for them (which this narrative has widened for you) without straying into areas like Air Purification. I was disappointed at its limitations but these life lines of wisdom were not grabbed by Boris who is heading towards a Constitutional and Economic disaster that is igniting national opposition which is growing apace.

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Notes and Literature:


“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, especially when fear is created as people crave security so the state creates more fear and obtains greater control. Yet Parliament is not ready and willing to act and to stand for its high callings, rather it seems to have abrogated its responsibilities.

Fear is a potent instrument of the state. It promotes intolerant conformism and abuse. Fear was deliberately stoked up by the state and by selective use of statistics and modellers: these were not accidental matters but part of a strategy whose errors and failures assisted in success. Boris is sustained in power by appealing to the irrational and emotional in collective wisdom. 

Boris is in power only with the consent of Parliament via the People, which he side-lines and avoids thus diverging from our constitutional past, and acts unlawfully whilst instructing the police to do likewise and with political discrimination in their actions. 

Appropriate powers were available in the Civil Contingency Act 2004 and the Coronavirus Act 2020 but were ignored as Parliament had powers of oversight.

Boris unlawfully used Part 2a of the Public Health and Disease Act 1984, as amended 2008. Such actions required Parliamentary scrutiny and approval which Boris wanted to avoid. The Boris activities are totalitarian as they did not get Parliament’s approval. See Lord Hoffman in House of Lords Ex Parte Simms 2000.

Government by decree is not just constitutionally objectionable but bad government creating a delusion that authoritarian government gets things done. There is no detailed knowledge, no strategy, no wider thought, no research, no understanding of the all-round implications for the economy or health of the nation. The ministers act on the hoof, promote loyalty against wisdom, flattery against objective advice. These absences promote unfounded self-confidence, banish moderation and restraint. All these are vices seen in this Government 

The British Public must wake from its failures to understand how these matters are an assault on social interaction eroding the glue of social wellbeing of a once united country and engage actively in politics, join political parties, and connect with MP’s.

(Summary prepared by the Editor of briefingsforfreedom.co.uk)

Note 2: Mullis stimulated the growth cycles of the PCR test. 30 cycles are essential, the more cycles you do then the more that you see the virus. At 36 cycles you see the positive result. At 40 you get much more.  If you amplify it 50 times 100% become positive.  The amplification causes functional false positives as the asymptomatic are not infectious and so there is no value in quarantine for them. Hence no one who understands this will wish to cooperate with test and trace.

Note 3 – Literature:

Preliminary report from the Joint PHE Porton Down & University of Oxford SARS-CoV-2 test development and validation cell: rapid evaluation of lateral flow viral antigen detection devices (LFDs) for mass community testing. 8 Nov 2020 (link)

Iacobucci G. Covid-19: Mass population testing is rolled out in Liverpool. BMJ2020;371:m4268. doi:10.1136/bmj.m4268 pmid:33144291 – FREE Full TextGoogle Scholar

Mahase E. Operation Moonshot: What do the leaked documents say? BMJ2020;370:m3558. doi:10.1136/bmj.m3558 pmid:32917634 – FREE Full Text/Google Scholar


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