A new leader for UKIP in the National Assembly for Wales

Thanks to everyone who took part in the recent ballot to elect the Leader of the UKIP Group in the Welsh Assembly. There was a turnout of around 60%, which was a bit higher than most people had anticipated.

We have had a bit of turbulence over the past two years since we had people elected to the Assembly, with a few different leaders. However, this time the Welsh party members have made the decision.

Hopefully, everybody will now respect the view of the majority, and I fully intend to lead the Assembly Group into the next Assembly elections in 2021. At the same time, I promise to do all I can to keep the Group united, and to work with branches and members across Wales to boost the Party’s chances going forward.

Membership News

With membership numbers in Wales now just short of 1,000, there’s been an increase of new members joining UKIP in recent months, along with some former members returning. A boost of around 20% to the total membership in Wales is welcome news.

A Snap Election?

With Brexit under threat, the prospect of a snap General Election cannot be ruled out. You will, I hope, have seen Gerard Batten’s call to arms. We need candidates to fight every Westminster seat in Wales. If you’ve not stood for election before, but are thinking you might be able to do so, why not get in touch?

Looking Forward

There’s much work to do in the Welsh Assembly over the coming months. The Group will be focussing on the Loony Left’s latest crazy plans to prosecute parents for smacking their misbehaving kids. We expect legislation on this to be coming forward soon.

We also have the prospect of a UK Government climb-down on Brexit, which will be fully supported here by Carwyn Jones, a First Minister on his way out of the door who seems determined to drag Brexit down with him.

The Assembly comes back, after a lengthy Summer Recess, in two weeks’ time, so I’ll keep you updated with the latest nonsense from Cardiff Bay!

All the best


Gareth Bennett AM

Leader of the UKIP Group in the National Assembly for Wales


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