It is truly amazing the extent to which our ruling Establishment and fellow travellers are going in order to retain and extend their power over us. This general election is all about power; power to rule us, power to tax us and power to meddle in our lives and those of future generations. Whilst happy to give the EU everything its unelected Eurocrats ask for, our politicians are also intent on imposing their collective wills on us concealed by deceit, deception and bribery.

Thus London’s Peter is to be robbed to pay Scotland’s Paul, and magic money (no mention of where it comes from) will help fund ‘the Good Life’. Meanwhile Nick and co are the only ones with a claimed head and heart; does that make up for no longer having any liberal or democratic principles, just a thirst for power? And the fantasy land list gets ever, wearying longer. These fairy god-politicians have no memory of past mistakes and failures, or even of the real world; they had their chance of power, all of them, and failed to deliver despite the oft repeated deceiving mantras. We would have been much better off without their meddling and taxing (£27000 per average family per year, bottom paragraph, page 10 The Spending Plan, published February 2015 by the TaxPayers Alliance). The evidence of their repeated follies and failures are all around us, in wasted opportunities and lives; young and old, rich and poor, and the most vulnerable in our society.

So when UKIP launched its manifesto Believe in Britain it was an exciting relief to find the media asking questions (aka attempting to discredit) the appearance of the document, not what it said. It must be saying something that is workable, popular and common sense. Actually it also said things that we know are morally right as well, such as adequately defending our country and looking after our veterans. It is refreshing to read not just policies, but the rationale (actually the reality, common sense and ethical standards) behind them. Also so honest to have independent authoritative experts, the Centre for Economics and Business Research, confirm in a separate assessment An economic review of policy proposals that the sums involved actually add up and assumptions made are reasonable.

This manifesto also illuminates an implicit underlying political philosophy that is refreshingly different from the manipulative, fairy tale land and dishonesty of the other parties; there is the recognition and respect for Liberty, Democracy, Justice and Prosperity, summed up as follows:

Liberty – People living their lives as they choose with government off their backs;

Democracy – elected representatives work for the People, not the party and promotion;

Justice – fairness, social justice, rule of our laws, upholding the People’s rights;

Prosperity – through free enterprise together with prudent and honest government.

Most significantly there is the belief in honesty and us, the People, as individuals and as a proud, patriotic, inclusive, British society; this is the work of real friends of freedom who genuinely believe in freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, freedom from fear and oppressive government. And so to quote from another Common Sense friend of freedom who once lived in Thanet and inspired American independence, Thomas Paine, We have it in our power to begin the world over again. ….Society in every state is a blessing, but government even in its best state is but a necessary evil.

As the Head of Candidates said in his invitation to selected UKIP Parliamentary Candidates to attend the launch, this manifesto, perhaps, represents the end of the beginning; something that in time will develop, improve and help us all to believe in ourselves. And for now it is refreshing to know that UKIP puts YOU first.

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