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I stumbled across a video today that made me see red. It was a video by RESISTANCE GB. I don’t know much about this group or organisation but I’ve no doubt the video is genuine, and you can find it here: “Raided Veteran’s PTSD Camp: Police Put A Gun To A Baby’s Head“.

It appears that our government is completely paranoid about our military veterans; they are worried that they may use their skills in a counter insurgency and are now actively harassing them. It is not enough that many of these veterans for various reasons – including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – are being forced to live on the streets while illegal, criminal immigrants are being put up in luxury hotels.

I think because of my lifelong interest in extreme sports, I have made many good friends among military veterans. Perhaps for some of these men it is hard to fit back into normal society – they’d rather be out sailing, diving or flying with people like me.

PTSD is something I’ve seen too often over the years. The effects are sometimes very subtle; sometimes these men struggle to come to terms with what they’ve been through, with what they’ve done. I never know what to say other than, “You don’t have to justify yourself to me or anyone else.” Much respect to them.

Never do I ask any of these men about their backgrounds. It is their business and I respect that and their privacy. I had one friend that sometime I wouldn’t see for maybe a couple of years or more until he turned up on my doorstep looking for someone to have a few drinks with. Another one was an ex Royal Marine that used to drink pints of gin and tonic. I can hold my drink, but after a couple of weeks self preservation would necessitate that I distance myself. One of these men died of alcoholism and the other one is thankfully still carrying on.

Apart from the obvious insanity of pointing a loaded weapon at a baby’s head, the fact that a community of military veterans can’t be left in peace to harmlessly come to terms with their past, I find disgusting. I’m sure many of you will feel the same as I do. The video is eighteen minutes long but do watch. I actually find it horrific.

We have to ask ourselves just why this so-called government is so scared of our military vets. It can only be because it is doing and planning things that are not in the interests of the British people; many of us here have long suspected this but the body of evidence is now building.

It is becoming more obvious with each passing day that in the United States at the last election, the country was subject to a kind of a coup or insurgency. The democratic right of the people to choose their leader was usurped and this is a situation that I’m sure will come to a head in the not too distant future.

In Britain, as many of us have suspected, our government ceased to represent the British people a long time ago. Perhaps Tony Blair was the first Prime Minister to step blatantly and starry eyed onto the stage as the first openly globalist PM. Since Blair our governments have got worse. Now the likes of Boris Johnson are brazenly disregarding our laws, and these politicians need to be afraid of the people once again.

Some years ago in a remote part of South America I bumped into another Englishman. This man told me how surprised that he was that after barely setting foot in Britain for decades, I was totally untouched by other cultures, I was just so English.

This is the case. I hold other passports now and have a loyalty to the countries that provided me with these, but I always identify as an Englishman and I never pretend to be anything else.

Many people from very alien cultures are being granted British passports and claim that this makes them British, but British culture took thousands of years to develop and it is something that cannot be granted with a piece of paper.

Whether you were in the military, regardless of which regiment you were in, or whether you are a born and bred British civilian, we are all British. This is a bond not to be taken lightly; it is a bond that took thousands of years to form and we shouldn’t let anybody break it. Many have tried.

For those of us with our eyes open, it is becoming increasingly apparent that we have a fight ahead of us, perhaps the worst fight we’ve ever had. We can’t let our military veterans take the brunt of this battle regardless of how qualified many of them may be to do so. These people have already given and suffered enough on our behalf. They are a great asset but they deserve our support.

I don’t think that I’ve ever been so furious in my life since watching the above video. I suggest that you watch it too. I can’t help but feel ashamed that we’ve allowed our country to be usurped by such people. Behind all of their false virtue they are evil too, and the future that they have planned for us is a nightmare.

Yes, I’m still British, and in spite of the fact that I haven’t been home in years, I’m beginning to realise that there is only one place called home. I’m considering my options.




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