When you look at out country today, you can see the results of many decades of LiblabCon political leadership: it’s not a pretty picture. I’m sure I don’t need to describe this picture to you all, it’s the reason many of you have supported UKIP, but should you continue to do so?

At a time of economic madness, we’ve been stung for hundreds of billions of pounds to support ‘too big to fail’ banks, we’ll pay for this over time through inflation or currency depreciation and taxes. Our country is being overrun by Third World migrants, the majority of which we’ll have to work to support. All of this at a time of disappearing middle class jobs, zero hours contracts and an increasing disparity between incomes and the cost of living.

We don’t get much gratitude from our immigrant population, they get a better life at our expense and in return they gang rape our women and groom our children for sex. Our government, not only fails to address these issues, they’ve made it plain that we should accept it as the new normal.

The trends are becoming increasingly obvious, our way of life is under threat and we’re heading into disaster. Unfortunately, the Liberal Left politics that have become the mainstream in our country, seems to be very lucrative for our politicians of whichever party and they will cling to it for dear life.

I have lived in a number of Third World countries such as Brazil, these countries are nearly all led by incredibly and blatantly corrupt politicians, they make the peoples live in these countries an utter misery. I have come to the conclusion that the only difference between these Third World politicians and our politicians is that ours know how to hide behind a much more polished veneer of respectability.

When we look behind this polished veneer at the politicians that hide there and the sum total of decades of their (so called) leadership, again, it’s not a pretty picture. We were taken into the European Union by an act of treason, something that is often talked about but swept under the rug and never addressed. Our weak-willed Prime-Minister has barely concealed her and her colleagues’ reluctance to leave the EU. She looks set to back down to Brussels  at every turn. We were lied to again!

The Traitorous Prime-Minister that took us into the (so called) Common Market is now to have been a paedophile.

According to a variety of sources, one of the main reasons for reoccurring instances of paedophilia in politics is because these types of people are so easy to manipulate or blackmail (see this). There is much material to this effect available on the Internet if you’d care to research this.  

Then there was the Parliamentary expenses scandal, a fraud that has since disappeared from the public eye; hushed up again.

To sum this up, our successive governments over the decades, comprise of a group or groups of lying, fraudulent, paedophiles and perverts, that hold us in contempt and are leading us like lambs to the slaughter into perdition. These people belong behind bars rather than in Westminster leading the country.

Tony Blair was and is a war criminal. I appreciate that this is a matter of opinion, but I know what I and many others think. Regardless, we are and will be for the foreseeable future, be paying a very high price for his actions.

Imagine, if during the Second World War, our government had thrown our borders open to let in, not only the enemy, but anybody that felt like it, we would all be speaking German now. This is in effect what are recent governments have done. After around twenty years of bombing the Middle East, our government has allowed our country to be invaded by Muslims: these people are not our friends as recent events have shown. We may still end up growing beards, wearing burqas and praying to Allah. The demographics are clear.

Again we’re heading into disaster, we’re being attacked and the body count is rising, yet our government refuse to acknowledge the problem. Indeed we’re being subject to a massive propaganda campaign, the message being: that Islam is a religion of peace. More lies from a corrupt and perverted government. Anybody that thinks this will end in anything other than a complete disaster is sadly mistaken.

So, back to the question: should we continue to support UKIP?

The only person in UKIP’s current leadership contest that seems prepared and has a track record of actually speaking out with conviction against our current disastrous predicament is: Anne Marie Waters.

Anne Marie is a brave woman that has been treated disgracefully. That she will be allowed to stand as a leadership candidate, is very good news indeed. If Anne Marie wins the leadership contest, we should all give her as much support as we possibly can.

Anne Marie’s political background is probably a little right wing compared to my own and others have expressed this concern, but I think our current situation is so grave that this is not important. Indeed it is the long established Liberal, Labour, Conservative clique that has brought us this dire situation, the sum total of decades of their efforts: time to move on from this.

In the run up to the last election, the then UKIP leaders seemed to embrace mainstream politics and it was a disaster. Of course they tried to make some of the right noises, when they realised that their effort were failing, but it was too late. The other candidates in the leadership contest also seem only to keen to establish themselves in lucrative mainstream political careers.     

If UKIP won’t stand up against our corrupt, evil, lying mainstream political class and instead wants to join them in their lucrative place behind a polished veneer, then UKIP is no use to us. Perhaps it is time for many of us to move on and we’ll take Anne Marie with us.

Photo by irina slutsky

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