I remember sitting outside a pub in England, around about the turn of the last century give or take a year or two. I was chatting to a youngish couple about their finances, and they were telling me that in spite of them both having professional jobs, they were having difficulty making ends meet, every month around two hundred pounds would be added to their credit cards.

At the time this conversation took place, the economy was starting to boom again, people that were in the negative equity housing trap of the last recession were suddenly in the money again, we were told that the economy was doing so well, the good times were back. This it seems to me, is a question of perspective, the banks, estate agents and stock market spivs were doing fine, everybody else was struggling to make ends meet as price rises outstripped their salaries.

That genius Chancellor and Prime-Minister Gordon Brown (sic), proudly announced that he had abolished boom and bust and at the time of the 2008 financial crises, printed seven hundred billion pounds out of thin air.

Tony Blair told us that everybody had the right to go to university, today we have an horrendous graduate unemployment rate: this couldn’t have been originally to disguise unemployment could it?

When the Brits were bled dry: never mind; the government to protect the security of the banks, could always sell our housing stock off to overseas investors and immigrants. Today the ever-increasing gap between income and the multiples needed to purchase a home are a testament to the pent-up inflation in the system.

Another inflation indicator is the strength of the New Zealand dollar, a tiny little country economically and yet the pound continues its dive against its currency. It isn’t that the New Zealand dollar is getting stronger, it’s that the pound is getting weaker, more and more worthless.

The most vulnerable in society, the pensioners on fixed incomes are already paying the price for perhaps the biggest financial heist in history, the first of many.

The economic illusion created since the last financial crisis is coming to an end, the sole purpose of this illusion was to drag every last person into debt, to bleed them dry before the plug is pulled.

As usual at such times, as was the case after the Great Depression, war is the usual solution. War is a great distraction from the evil deeds of bankers and politicians, justifies further money printing, enables vast profits from weapons sales and other things. The next step is for the banks to set up shop elsewhere and the whole process repeats.

This is the system in which we live, a false democracy where politicians are the pimps and debt collectors for the Central Banks, this is who they represent, not us the people.

Donald Trump has been a thorn in the side of the bankers and globalists, Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton were desperate to demonise Vladimir Putin and Russia as was our Prime-Minister Theresa May. North Korea was the next candidate for war, but Trump is bringing us peace.

The real reason that Russia was a target for the globalists is that Putin has made the Russian Central Bank independent of the Rothschild banking system, see here:

Putin Bans Rothschilds From Russia

There are many articles about this on the Internet, you can do your own research. Many have predicted that with the collapse of the Western banking system, particularly in the United States, the world reserve currency will move to China. Already the new Petroyuan is rapidly gaining ground with many dollar-indebted countries preparing to trade for commodities in Yuan.

There is some speculation, however, that China will follow the Russians and break away from the Rothschild banking system and Trump will facilitate this. If this is the case, prepare for fireworks.

There is another cloud on the horizon”

Closure of mosques in Austria may lead to ‘war between cross & crescent’ – Erdogan

You don’t have to be a mastermind to work this one out, a totally incompatible and hostile culture has been allowed by successive British governments to invade our country. During the second world war, Germans living in Britain were interned for security reasons: do you think we will be able to intern millions of Muslims when war breaks out? Of course not, as Enoch Powell predicted, our streets will become a bloodbath.

Successive LibLabCon governments then, far from representing the people they were elected to represent, represent the banking system first and foremost, their objective is to bleed you dry and then send your children out to be killed and maimed on the world’s battlefields.

As Gerard Batten said several times during the recent Tommy Robinson protest: “our government is the enemy of the people.”

Not just our current government but successive governments, lib, Lab or Con.

Gerard Batten is the first political leader that I have heard state this, to openly articulate the truth and it is why I now have confidence in Gerard as the leader of UKIP.

UKIP is still the only political party that has a chance to confront our very evil government, as Muslims pour into our country and breed like rabbits, as our women and children are groomed and raped, it seems like the globalists are determined to have their pound of flesh.

Theresa May’s government have shown their utter contempt for the British people they were supposedly elected to represent, they are betraying us on Brexit to keep us tied to the globalist regime, a regime that is hell-bent on our destruction as a race and as a nation.

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