As an opening statement I will say that I would agree to the Remainers having a referendum to REJOIN the European Union. However, I do not regard a rejoining referendum as being the second referendum.

My idea of a second referendum is to focus on the UK/EU agreement. I do not propose that “a rejection of the UK/EU agreement will mean remaining in the EU”. My referendum is based on EU Article 50.

The UK can leave the EU having achieved an agreement with the EU, or the UK can leave the EU without an agreement. The latter would mean trading with the EU single market under World Trade Rules. Why would the EU deny the UK access to the single market and risk the EU not having access to the UK single market.

A second referendum should be to accept or reject the finalised agreement between the UK and the EU.  This decision is far too serious to leave to Parliament. Parliament was the organisation that took the UK into the EEC and agreed to the various treaty changes that lead up to the Maastricht and the Lisbon Treaties.  Did Parliament ever ask the British people if they agreed to the various treaties?  No! Most people who become MPs lose contact with their constituents and generally only have contact with like minded people.  This creates false arrogance.

The arguments and shenanigans in Parliament about the UK/EU agreement makes me wonder if the MPs are willing to accept the referendum result where a majority of voters wanted the UK to leave the EU. One of the requirements of an MP is to represent his/her constituents; the MP’s personal views should not over ride the views of the majority of his representation especially when that view has been stated in his manifesto.

Many of the MPs accept the EU position without question and blame the British Government for a failure to accept the EU’s present negotiation demands. These same MPs, who criticise the British Government, appear to be willing to accept the so called “four freedoms” (freedom of movement for goods, services, labour and capital). The Leave voter voted to leave the customs union and the single market, yet many MPs still state that the leave voter did not vote to leave the customs union. Many MPs state that trade with the EU is essential yet they ignore a £96 billion trade DEFICIT with the EU in 2017 – nearly £2 million per week. Can you trust the judgement these MPs? I do not!

With the present continuing “musical chairs” position of many MPs, the British voter should be allowed to vote on whether the UK leaves the EU with an agreement reached or leaves the EU without an agreement. If the UK remains in the EU, what sane person would ever trust the Conservative Party again? I would trust very few MPs. I have no trust in Labour whilst its leader will support any country except ours.

Having left the EU, Remain supporters should be given the chance to put forward a case for rejoining the EU. There must be a follow-on Referendum to enable the British voter to accept or reject the agreed terms, should the UK vote to rejoin the EU. The result for the vote to rejoin must not be a simple majority; it should comply with the requirements that the Remainers wanted, post voting, for the 2016 referendum.

For me, leaving the EU means being free of any political, fiscal and legal control, otherwise the UK will be shackled to the EU. If the UK remains in the EU there will be a wholesale contempt for the British Parliament. Some people might prefer to adopt the whole of the EU DOGMA and have direct rule from Brussels than be partially ruled by British Members of Parliament – why delay the inevitable to keep untrustworthy politicians in a job? We know that direct rule will not be democratic; the proven undemocratic UK parliament can be removed from the process.

The two Houses of Parliament will not add value to the UK, they will be an unnecessary cost that can be eliminated. The fiscal savings of not having EU-supporting MPs can help the social services budget which could be inflated due to the number of immigrants that would be entering the 12 regions of what was the UK. The United Kingdom will simply be the 12 separate regions of Britain. There might be the eventual unification of Ireland. The money allocated to the restoration of the Houses of Parliament could be used to replace the crumbling parliament building with accommodation for these migrants, instead.  There would be no need to reduce the number of lifers in the House of Lords as they would be redundant.

What will be the reward for the Lowly British Tax Payer? A pay increase? No! The reward will be the pleasure of lower living standards, higher prices and ever increasing taxes plus ever decreasing standards of public service. Due to increased borrowing the value of the Pound Sterling will fall, thus encouraging an ever lower standard of living. Actually, I forgot that direct rule from Brussels will entail the adoption of the Euro. There will be a race to the bottom, in competition with Greece to see who will be worse off.

Remain had its view of the future outside the EU and I have my view of remaining inside the EU. I voted leave to have a higher quality of life, a quality of life that would not be affected by an increase in population density and air pollution. It was noticeable during the 2016 referendum that the Remain campaign never talked about how the EU would improve UK living standards so I naturally assumed that the living standards would deteriorate.  My views in the penultimate paragraph seem to confirm lower living standards.

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