2017 is only three days old, but the usual suspects – the regressive Left, be they politicians wearing red or green rosettes, be they here in our country or elsewhere, be they journalists or representatives of NGOs (Non-Government Organisations) – are at it again, or rather, are still at it.

Here are the exhibits:

Pride of place goes without doubt to the German Media. You might remember that there was this ‘incident’ in Cologne at the 2015/2016 New Year’s Eve festivities, where a huge number of German women were molested, groped, raped even, and of course robbed – by ‘men of North African origins’. Over 1,000 incidents were reported to the Police, resulting in 37 – yes, that’s right: 37 court cases. Of course there were similar incidents in other big German cities, but the big German MSM and the police tried to play this down, supported by politicians and journalists who said it wasn’t so bad. ‘Feminists’ played it down by saying that German men also grope and rape, so accusing those poor refugees from North Africa was simply racist.

One year later, with a new Police President in Cologne, precautions were taken. There were 1,500 police on duty at that place, the place between the Cologne Central Station and the world famous Cathedral. The police reported that extremely aggressive groups of young men from North Africa had come in by trains from the vicinity, to the tune of over 1,000. These men were put into a corner of the place by the police, their papers were checked, their fireworks and glass bottles were removed and any who passed these checks were ‘allowed’ to go – not that many Germans had actually come to the venue this year.

So – what were the usual suspects moaning about? That the police, in one of their tweets on the situation, used the word ‘Nafri’ to describe the hordes of extremely aggressive young men!

That abbreviation stands for “Nord-Afrikanischer Intensivtaeter”, i.e. North African with a long criminal record. Politicians deemed this was racist, inhuman, and unacceptable. This was the top report in yesterday’s MSM. For once, comments were allowed, unlike last year. Unlike last year, when many Germans accused those who thought it wrong to allow immigrants such criminal liberties of being Nazis, this time the majority of Germans condemned the politicians.

But that is not the point – the point is that the usual suspects, with help from the MSM, still propagate their ideology, an unreflected mixture of ‘White Guilt’, islamophilia, and blanket critique of the security forces, be they police or Armed Forces. That sort of ideology can be subsumed under “Human Rights”, something everybody surely can and must applaud and subscribe to!

We remember that before Christmas here in the UK these self-same ‘Human rights’ ideologists kicked off an investigation into the Troubles, by accusing soldiers and dragging them before the police. A Chelsea Hospital veteran was interrogated for four hours, on a firefight which took place in 1972. IRA terrorists are not interrogated or even prosecuted because the Blair government instructed the police not to do it. That was called ‘comfort letters’. One also might call this ‘appeasing terrorists’ …

This appeasement of terrorists, which goes hand-in-hand with accusing members of the Armed Forces of murder (terrorists don’t murder …), is one facet of this sickness of the mind. Another facet is the haranguing of police, as in Germany, over the use of words. Another is the merciless pilloring of Israel and her armed forces. The organisation ‘Human Rights Watch’ published an article yesterday accusing ‘some Israeli commanders’ of backing a shoot-to-kill policy. The occasion for that article is the trial of a young Israeli soldier who shot a Palestinian who had attacked his comrade with a knife and wounded him.

The red thread joining all these disparate ‘outcries’ is this:

Terrorists of any description are fine, it’s the fault of the state and the people they terrorise for not giving them what they want. It is inhuman and wrong to defend oneself against them. It is especially wrong of the state to use police and armed forces to defend the population against terrorists. Terrorists are victims and thus have a free ticket to do as they like.

This is topped by the combination of accusing everybody of racism and islamophobia who dares to stand up against crimes committed by Muslims. Islamophobia and racism are interchangeable, and the regressive human-rights ideologues have been using these words for years. They did shock in the beginning, but they are no longer working to frighten us peasants.

So what is going on here – why are the usual suspects still doing it? Actually, it is quite simple: as long as they can fabricate such “outcries”, the MSM and we the people have to spend time to swat them away. It is the well-known ‘squirrel’ tactic. We are made to focus on their fabricated outrage, and thus cannot ask inconvenient questions, such as: how come ‘poor refugees’ in Germany are capable of descending like flash mobs on certain venues? How come using an abbreviation is worthy of acres of pixels?

Ah – here’s a pointer: there’s now no time to report on such groups descending on venues in other cities and attacking German women. Yes, this happened again, in Hamburg, Essen, Frankfurt.

There’s no time, in the case of Israel, to ask why a soldier had to defend, by shooting, his comrade against a Palestinian attacker.

Above all, there is no time at all to ask inconvenient questions about that other red thread which connects that and the Cologne ‘events’ of this and last year. There’s not time and space to report on other murderous terrorist attacks elsewhere, be it Baghdad, Istanbul, Pakistan or indeed Nigeria. Asking such questions makes one a racist islamophobe – and therein lies the clue: the regressive Left, be they ‘feminists’ who never once stand up for white girls in Rotherham and other towns, who never made a hashtag for the Yezidi girls sold as sex slaves by ISIS, be they politicians who tell us that we must accept muslim terrorism because it’s a feature of living in a big city (Mayor Siddiq Khan), or tell us that we should be patient and go to church after such attacks (Ms Merkel), is comfortable with islam and wants us all to be comfortable as well. Don’t offend, don’t provoke, submit: just as islam demands.

How many of you have heard of the ‘white terrorist’ who was jailed for 12 months for putting bacon on the door handles of a mosque? And how many of you have heard that he died in prison? The authorities still haven’t told the family about the cause of his death – so we can only surmise. The ‘human rights’ ideologues however are conspicuous by their silence – not one question asked, not one outcry about ‘brutal prison conditions’!

You can draw your own conclusions as to why that is.

I conclude that it is another example of the sickness of the mind which has permeated our society since 1997: a sickness which deems the use of words more heinous than actual crimes; a sickness which deems that soldiers defending themselves and their comrades against terrorists are far worse criminals than those terrorists. A sickness of the mind which would rather we all submit to a terrorist ideology than being called racists and islamophobes.

It has to stop – and only we can stop it by speaking out fearlessly against this sickness wherever we see it.

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