Something happened last Saturday in Chemnitz, a small town in Saxony, which has had the whole array of German MSM given over to daily reports on their front pages.

What happened: in the night from Saturday to Sunday a week ago, during the annual town festival a man was knifed to death during an altercation in Chemnitz, and two others were so severely wounded that they are still in hospital. This news made the rounds overnight in that small town and while the police were extremely reticent as to who the killers were, people soon knew. Some organised an unauthorised protest demo for Sunday. The town mayor first declared the festival closed for reasons of piety, which soon became ‘for reasons to keep public order’ … 

You need to know that Chemnitz had a proportionally large influx of ‘refugees’ who have been taking over the main marketplace; that there have been 57 recorded sexual assaults and rapes by refugees in the past year, and that this town festival was closed a year ago because of such sexual assaults.

Since the police did not give out particulars, the first rumour was that the murdered man, a German with a Cuban father, had defended a couple of women against the usual suspects, and that two others came to help him when the aggressors (a Syrian and an Iraqi) started to use knives. Turns out it was some fight about … money. 

The demo on Sunday afternoon was small (about 800 people). On Monday there was the next demo, with between 5,000 and 7,500 (the number has been growing over the week …) and all hell has broken loose since.

The fuel for this were the headlines in the mostly lefty-greeny German ‘quality’ press which reported that Chemnitz citizens had been ’hunting down’ migrants and chased them through the streets. And they were of course Nazis because they’d given the Hitler salute. This was based on one social-media report from one Antifa group. No need to research further then …

The reports on the second demo on Monday read as if coming from a war zone. We got everything, from ‘failed state’ and ‘failed police’ to ‘neonazis are taking over’ and ‘Chemnitz is the town where the extreme-ultra-far-right is rallying the masses’, with bottles thrown, fireworks, and of course the Hitler salute. Case closed!

Unfortunately, a large number of German citizens saw things differently, not least because the published photos and videos simply didn’t document this alleged right-wing mass mayhem, hunting of migrants and all (see the somewhat less biased report in today’s DM here).

German readers wrote that e.g. the police reports did not list numbers of wounded people, broken windows, burning cars etc – all well-known results of any demo where Antifa is involved. Then more and more Germans were turning from disgust to outrage because their MSM, their politicians and journalists wallowed in accusations and denigrations of the people of first the town then the Land Saxony: horrible neo-nazis who need to be re-educated if not outright banned while not a word was said about the murdered young man and even less about the two who are still in hospital. That outrage increased when it turned out that one of the killers was ‘known to the police’, had been involved in drug dealing, had been sentenced and was on parole because of GBH and should have been deported already …

So why should this interest us over here, in our safe island?

Because over there as over here the MSM ‘educate’ us into accepting the near daily knifings and killings by a certain group of ‘new citizens’ while denigrating any who dare protest, never mind organising a demo, as ultra-far-right racists who have no right to do so.

This is not limited to the national press, this is taken up by the international press from the New York Times to the Guardian to German papers: back and forth as in a game of ping-pong. If one gets one’s information only from those sources, one might think that there are little Hitlers rising up everywhere, that there are extreme-ultra-etc citizens hunting down innocent refugees only because of their skin colour. It’s as if there’s been a general parole given out to the MSM that, because of ‘racism’, white citizens need to accommodate the knifings and rapes by the usual suspects without complaint.

There are two more points which, at least in Germany, have upset people. Firstly, it’s the difference between cries by hacks and politicians not to generalise (‘not all muslims’) while they generalise with abandon, declaring that the protesting citizens in this town, nay, in that whole county, are all, without exception (unless they’re Antifa), neonazis. Secondly, it’s the fact that none of them talked about the murdered man. This is pushed into the background: no compassion for the dead and their families while they indulge in vituperation of those who dare protest the refugee culture which allowed this and other murders to happen.

We can observe this in our own MSM when we read the nearly daily reports on the knife attacks in our towns and cities, and just as in Saxony, one reason is always ‘no police’ because of ‘austerity’, here known as “Tory Cuts”. There are no protest demos here though. Perhaps we’re too phlegmatic, perhaps we’re already too cowed and too frightened of being called ‘racist’ by the crowd of anti-semites supporting the Corbyn-Labour Party and writing in our quality press. I don’t know. What I do know is that people look at Sweden, Poland, Hungary and Italy and ask why they can elect politicians who do take a stand and do what their voters demand, wondering why ours cannot and do not.

Oh and btw – those ‘Hitler salutes’? I looked at the photos. The International MSM have now declared that waving your arms, with pointing fingers, crying ‘shame on you’, is such salute, as is using your smartphone taking pictures – as long as there’s some lurid background. I would recommend watching some old film clips on youtube showing the real salute. We’ve noticed this same phenomenon when our MSM reported on the marches to Free Tommy. Next time you’re on a demo, don’t use your smartphone to take photos: you might find yourself denounced as neonazi because you gave ‘that’ salute … 


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