For years, the Pro-EU gang have tried to scare the pants off us all with delusional warnings of an apocalyptic future for the UK outside the EU.  It’s been a fear-fest unparalleled in its cynicism and dishonesty that, admittedly, has enjoyed some success.

Those who want us to be shot of the EU have offered a more measured and upbeat message, extolling the UK’s strengths and promise, and anticipating the freedom of re-entering the global economic fray as a self-governing democratic nation and without a 1970s zombie customs union around our neck.

But now both the In and Out camps need to confront a sobering and real danger: the EU is slowly dragging the UK into a war with Russia. Some UKIP MEPs have warned of the danger of this, including Jim Carver.

Many In voters will find it tough to buy the notion of an EU-Russia hot war; they’ve swallowed the myth that the EU is the cure for war, not its cause. They’ve also been brainwashed into believing that Russia is the aggressor in the Ukraine, and that the EU is using sanctions as a peaceable means to dissuade Russia from further damaging the region. But, as we edge closer to the brink, and as the EU’s sabre-rattling grows louder, many will awaken to the fact that the EU has quietly been one of the most violent and fanatical international forces humanity has ever devised, and that it won’t think twice about going to war with Russia or anyone else.

When it comes to building its empire, the EU is cold, so, so cold. The EU views other people’s death and dying for its cause in the same detached way it views building train lines and harmonizing license plate designs. And the EU has never met a millimeter of territory – moral, social, cultural, economic … and, of course, geographic – that it doesn’t think it owns. As far as EU ideologues are concerned, Russia already belongs to them, and they want it back. This has been evident ever since the EU sparked the Ukraine conflict as a way to demonize, destabilize and eventually grab Russia with a military invasion.

The EU has been secretly building its military for years, and now it’s gone public with its own army, air force and navy (informally backed by the USA’s forces and NATO’s blessing). It is telling the world – and Russia, in particular – that it’s ready for a fight, one in which UK warriors will die with their boots on under an EU flag. To its great shame, the UK government has meekly delivered our military to the EU for this dubious sacrifice.

Those for whom EU violence is not just an abstract idea will find the prospect of the EU starting a war to be reasonable – likely, even. This group might include the people in the Balkans conflict who experienced, first hand, the EU’s strategic indifference to human death and suffering. It might include the Ukrainians propelled into war by the EU’s empire building. It might even include the Syrians who saw the EU “parliament” trip over itself in an obscene stampede to provide armaments to al Qaida and to start bombing their country.

And can anyone argue that the EU’s economic (and actual) carnage in Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, and across the EU is not an act of paralyzing, warlike violence? And then there’s the horror show that is the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy, in which the EU cold heartedly deploys EU farming subsidies as a weapon to price poor nations out of world markets, causing death and misery.

The stench of death and misery permeates the EU, from its cavernous, useless and mostly empty deliberating floor, to its stultifying insistence on global cultural homogeneity. The EU resembles a death cult. Just read these words placed prominently above the door at the European “parliament’s” visitors’ centre in Brussels illustrate:

“National sovereignty is the root cause of the most crying evils of our times… The only final remedy for this supreme and catastrophic evil of our time is a federal union of the peoples…”

It is clear that every EU member nation has accepted its own oblivion. They have met the EU’s death cult with their own suicide pact. Compared to the list of EU violence, going to war with Russia isn’t a big leap for the EU.

It’s no wonder, then, that few people are surprised at the EU’s attempt to starve millions of Russians into submission and/or uprising to get its way.  It will take the tiniest of geo-political nudges from EU propagandists to turn the “peaceable” sanction mentality into a war footing.  When that happens, does the UK really want to be shackled to a violent fanatic who is blinded by hubris, driven by dogma, and who is armed and going to war with Russia? (This war will end in bloody EU failure, of course, but that’s a different story.)

Running from a fight isn’t British. Neither is abandoning a “friend” at a time of conflict. But picking a needless war with Russia, as the EU is doing, is stupid – innocent Brits will die and millions of lives will be destroyed. The sensible thing to do is dump our fanatical “friend” by voting Out in the EU referendum, before the fighting begins. And the fighting will begin.  As Tony Blair, the spiritual leader of the In camp, once said:

The rationale for Europe [sic] today is not peace anymore, it’s power.

Those intending to vote In the EU referendum should pay close attention to their leaders’ words. He means what he says.


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