This is a warning to the Old Guard of the British Right: Fight for traditional values, or we will replace you!

If the left-wing activists are gifted with such supreme intelligence, why have they often collapsed, becoming emotional wrecks, when presented by just one political question, by journalists such as myself? I met young activists in Birmingham who were protesting against Tommy Robinson, but didn’t know who he even is. I met students outside of the UKIP conference who complained it was an anti-black party but were confused when, pursuing their argument, I asked if David Kurten hates himself. They didn’t even know the UN definition of a refugee!

The neoliberal and socialist media outlets would love to give the impression that only “football hooligans”, vile racists, and anyone else they deem the dregs of society are the backbone of the populist right-wing political movement. Our positions on immigration and cultural integration are said to be driven by ignorance, the views of backward school dropouts, without a clue about the world.

However, those showing awareness, great analytical skills, courage, and responsibility are the few that challenge the status quo. Admittedly the majority of academia, be that students or lecturers, is taken in by Cultural Marxism; but there is a well-read, highly-educated, quick-thinking bunch of rebels, who have had enough. Under the satire, such as Pepe the Frog, there is a serious ideological position. We have researched the matter thoroughly, and not just by a reading of George Orwell’s 1984, or Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

We have analysed the history of mankind over centuries. As we studied the violence in places such as Rwanda, the Indian subcontinent, and Ulster, our conclusion was not that which the elite would push upon us through the schools. We didn’t conclude peace, but rather bloodshed will be secured by multiculturalism. Academia has a farce of “critical thinking”; we do the real thing. We saw that, whenever you have more than one culture in a state, they compete for dominance: violence, ultimately civil war, results. Hence, we stand for the nation-state. We love peace.

On Saturday, Jan 27th, I challenged Henry Bolton before an audience of UKIP members, asking him how can the party go forward, how can we as members go to householders, claiming to be a Family Value party, after what he has done. Persons more than double my age hissed at me, and tried to shut me down. I doubt one of them knew what “Cultural Marxism” means.

That is the very generation which betrayed us, who went on some wild, thoughtless, short-term hedonistic binge, and defenestrated our nation. Due to their cowardice; their failure to have a moral backbone; their failure to set an example and stand for our heritage, Britain fell. Shame on them! They are exactly the traitors who we refer to when we speak of “Taking Back Our Country”, create “Back to the Future” memes, or say we want to Make Britain/America Great Again.

I was meant to be intimidated by the tone of Bolton’s voice; the sudden burst of anger from a former soldier. He failed to realise that I am a friend of the leaders of Veterans Against Terrorism, who want him gone. I was to speak at their rally, though this unnecessary EGM has been called on the same date.

I was meant to be intimidated by his experience working as an NGO pencil pusher; Bolton failed to comprehend this is one major reason why we won’t ever respect him – he worked so passionately for the liberal elite that they bestowed upon him an OBE. We will not tolerate as leader a liberal who would be triggered by red pills, let alone dare swallow one. But most significantly, I was meant to be intimidated by the fact that Bolton is older than me; in fact, he has a daughter of a similar age to myself. He may be older than me, and I’ll show respect if he acts in a way to demand it, but he demonstrates that age is certainly no guarantee of maturity.

If Bolton knew anything about the younger right-wing electorate, he’d know that getting “triggered” is no way to garner the respect of young voters but rather shows his insecurity. I hit the nail sharply on the head, as my question cut right to the crux of the matter. We support UKIP, or similar anti-establishment parties across Europe because we want a return to traditional values.

Young populists are not fools: our heroes are highly intellectual men such as Jordan Peterson. We’ve done our homework! We are aware of the Barcelona protocol; of the Kalergi plan; and also the Frankfurt School which called for the abolition of our traditional institutions, such as the family, the church, and the state. We realise that from the Fall of Rome to now, throughout history, the states that were successful were those that cherished the family, the core unit of civilisation.

However, men returned from the World Wars, furious with the government and the priests that had ordered unstrategic advances into No Man’s Land that saw their brothers slaughtered. They rebelled against all authority, leading to a moral decline, and their children killed Britain. Thanks to the hippy scum who betrayed the nation, everything is expected to be easy, to be fun, and to be available to all, whatever their income or effort; such is supposedly equality! Today’s millennial youth have no sense of responsibility, hard work, or patriotism.

Enough is enough! A new generation of patriots has come forward, angry that our country was stolen from us. We are educated. We are efficient. We are organised. And we will win! The media ignore us; we made our own, with digital technology. We have our grassroots campaign groups. We have our private online strategy groups. Now, as and while those in control of the British right-wing sang by the right hymn sheet, we calmly kept our heads down. We would grit our teeth at the corrupt spending of funds and the hedonistic sexual exploits of some top officials. However, be warned: the minute any leader of the right fails to stand for Brexit, fails to speak out for our nation, fails to say what we expect, we shall remove them. We shall unleash the “frogs of war”.

We do not appreciate talk of a second referendum. We know this war on the NEC is a distraction from Brexit. In fact, it jeopardises it and is against democracy. Either the old guard works with us, or we shall replace them. The NEC is staying; albeit with reform. Gerard Batten and David Kurten must lead UKIP. Take this warning very seriously, or you will suffer the consequences!

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