We received the following two appeals to come out on actioN Days only yesterday, so apologies for the short notice. If you are a member living in the vicinity – please do go and help out! 


Central Essex Branch are holding another Street Stall this Saturday 24th November at the top of Chelmsford High Street, adjacent to LLoyds bank.


We will be there from 10am till 2pm.

Look for our UKIP Gazebo.

The last Street Stall we held was at the end of September. We were a bit nervous as to how the shoppers would receive us but were pleasantly surprised. Only one or two called us names as they quickly scuttled by. We spoke to only about 30-40 people but the main advantage was our exposure to many hundreds who may have thought UKIP was no longer around. Got a few thumbs up.

Alan Stannard



~~~~~     ooOoo     ~~~~~



Dear all,

With the latest Brexit betrayal, the Tory and Labour duopoly have exposed themselves and we will not get a better opportunity to stick the knife in. Swindon voted to leave with a huge majority and we have been severely let down.

This Saturday we will flood the busy Swindon town centre to remind people we are fighting for them and to let them know we are still here.

I would like to see as many members from Wiltshire as possible to ‘shock and awe’ the opposition and to help handout the new leaflets and Brexit bags.

Although short notice I urge you to help, if this is a success we will then replicate this in other towns in Wiltshire – like the Battle of Britain, we must pool all our resources together and use them efficiently.

Please let me know if you can meet at


Wharf Green (by the House of Fraser in Swindon SN1 1LD) 1030am this Saturday (24th) until 12pm to help out.


There is plenty of parking in the area. Previous stalls in the town centre have been very warmly received and they are expecting us to fly the flag so you can expect a heroes welcome.

We shall meet at the local Wetherspoon’s after for lunch (The Savoy).

I appreciate many of you have been fighting many years for Brexit, we can’t fall at the final huddle and waste all the hard work. More importantly, we cannot fail our country and must fight to save her for future generations.

Best wishes,

Martin Costello, UKIP Wiltshire Chairman


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