Here are photos from two Action Days – the first was sent in by Jim, East Hampshire Branch:


Hi all,

In the aftermath of Friday’s infamous Cabinet we thought it an opportune time to put our tanks:


(copyright © UKIP East Hampshire branch but please share freely)

If only I had a pound for everyone who said “if Nigel comes back then we’re voting UKIP” . . .

Best wishes,


The next photos were sent by Ceri Jayes


One of the stalls – Brixham on Saturday:


Lyn is wearing a FFL banner as a pinafore – very fetching.

The sunshine was so bright that I could barely see what I was taking a piccy of with the tablet. Apologies, not as good as usual:


What was heartening was that I had an email late last night from a young man who had joined UKIP earlier in the day, had looked my details up on line and wanted to know what he could do to help.

He came to Brixham  and did a fine job and said to count him for next time.

Tom, I salute you.



Salut to Tom from UKIP Daily as well! And welcome to UKIP!


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