Action Day Report from Swindon


A great deal of fun was had by all as we enjoyed a heros welcome in Swindon town centre on Saturday (24th september 2018)


As people were coming up to us for the famous jute Brexit bags, it was clear that the feeling of betrayal was palpable and the Swindon public were extremely angry at having the wool pulled over their eyes by the appalling Brexit deal that the Prime Minister tabled.


I reminded them that the United Kingdom is currently facing the greatest crisis since WWII. It is no longer a battle between Leave or Remain, it is a battle between democracy and dictatorship.  Theresa May is a direct threat to our realm and it is the DUTY of politicians and the British public to stop this woman. to prevent this “deal” that is nothing short of unconditional surrender to the EU and will see us shackled to the failing project for eternity with no means to unilaterally escape.


The feeling we got from the public was overwhelming, expressing a relief at seeing us. I urge others to get out on the streets as your neighbors are waiting for you to fly the flag, they need reassurance.



I’d like to thank the huge turnout of helpers and  a thanks also to my fellow Swindonians who made me feel extremely special, it meant a great deal to me. I cant wait to get back out again soon, never has our party had such a good opportunity to steam roller forward by speaking to the working class.




Martin Costello




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