Report from UKIP South Bucks/Beaconsfield

We – South Bucks/Beaconsfield branch – were planning to start to run Brexit stalls again, beginning on Saturday 24th November, right under the nose of Dominic Grieve. We have a lovely banner to unveil saying ‘Give it up Grieve, We voted to leave’. This is our report:

The first action day kicked off on Saturday (Nov 24th)  in Beaconsfield town. The response we had was fantastic with many people saying they were glad to see us back out there supporting the Brexit they voted for and for us countering the endless campaigning and fake scare scenarios being broadcast regularly, both on the streets and in the media, by the Remain camp.

We were also taken back by the amount of people, Remainers and Conservatives too, who agreed with our Dominic Grieve banner, with some even using such words as ‘disgrace’ and ‘awful’ when describing what they thought of him.

For us the most important thing was to actually be seen out there, showing we’re still around and not rolling over and deserting the people that voted for Brexit. We even had many enquiries for UKIP membership too so hopefully these will materialise. Beaconsfield town and Gerrards Cross were probably the 2 hardest places to crack for us during the referendum making the positive response we received even more rewarding. We know we’ll get an even better one in more of the towns in our area that were very sympathetic to our plight. We would very much urge many others to follow our example and start hitting the campaign trail again. They too might be pleasantly surprised by the response from the public.


We are planning to do these every week now in all the different towns in our Constituency (weather permitting), maybe finishing 2 weeks before Christmas and then starting up again in the New Year.

Scott Kimber, South Bucks/Beaconsfield branch



Report from UKIP Gloucestershire


“Glos Bags Brexit” – report from our action day on Saturday 24th November:

Once again UKIP Gloucestershire had a successful ‘GLOS BAGS BREXIT’ day in Matson (Gloucester).  Despite the damp and cold weather, members from across the Gloucestershire area got rid of nearly 100 bags around the Matson shops in a very short time.  A tiny number of people in Matson were not in favour of Brexit, but the problems experienced in the past at other similar events did not surface. As usual, no one with an opposing opinion chose to debate the issues.

Matson is exactly the type of community that views the Westminster bubble with suspicion. One UKIP member who stopped by said that he thought we were going to pay for BREXIT in terms of trade, but he still supports it.Due to the large numbers of UKIP people turning up to assist, three members moved camp to a local supermarket and in 40 minutes, distributed 150 bags (they ran out), to many willing and supportive shoppers. Of all the people approached, only two anti-BREXIT feelings were expressed, and as before, neither were willing to debate.

The day was another success in every aspect. It showed the public that UKIP is alive and well, and there to support BREXIT, and show that we are the only party doing so. It was again a good open forum to discuss with the public the current cul-de-sac Euro-May has led us into, and clarify some of the finer points on the ‘sell-out’.Bring on the next one!

Stuart Love, UKIP Stroud

Lucian Aeris took the photos we publish below:





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