The opinion of the British government was that the crashed Russian airliner in Egypt was brought down by an on-board bomb.   So far the finger of suspicion points at ‘ISIS, or an affiliate’ group.

If indeed it was a bomb, then whoever planted it would need to overcome airport security first – which in Egypt is not likely to be difficult given its endemic corruption.  While one can understand how Islamic terrorists would easily find their way into an airport in an Islamic country – it raised the question how safe are our airports in Britain, and indeed Europe?

The immediate response of the British government was to stop flights to Sharm El-Sheikh.  But what are they doing to further ensure security in our airports. But whatever they do will be of no lasting effect until they control who can come and work in our country.

Nigel Farage has pointed out that the waves of migrants coming from all over the Islamic world will inevitably include terrorists coming under cover of ‘refugee’ status.  Given that we have already seen home-grown Islamic terrorists cause mayhem in the UK, it raises questions about the level of security and safety in our airports.

The first priority of the government should be to safeguard their own people – and that now means rigorously vetting everyone who works in or has access to an airport (among other places).

UKIP has been accused of ‘scaremongering’ on countless occasions over the last 20 years only to find these issues become the common currency of debate a few years later.  

Editor: And, in another related article, Gerard asks the very pertinent question:

What inspires suicide bombers – lust for paradise?

The non-Islamic mind cannot understand Muslim suicide bombers.  What inspires a person to blow themselves up along with innocent bystanders?

Some look for rational explanations by ascribing it to such things as ‘poverty, alienation and radicalisation’.  But it is a mistake to look for a rational explanation for an irrational act.

To try and understand a Muslim suicide bombers motivation watch at this short video of Saudi Sheikh Yahya Al-Jana talking about the joys of virgins in paradise.  Suicide bombers, so we are told, are martyrs who are entitled to 72 virgins when then turn up in paradise.

My only question is what kind of moron actually believes this madness?

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