To recreate the buccaneering spirit of the first Elizabethan age and the dynamism of the early Victorian era vote for me. I will make us the party of wealth creation.

We would use free markets to do this not because of their greater creativity and productivity but because we love freedom. The freedom of voluntary relationships, from which you can walk away, is a better model for society than any despotism of the few or the many.

If you want to reform tax to create wealth you should vote for me.

My UKIP would simplify tax and reduce the burden of it on British industry by 25% (£82bn) per annum more than any other candidate would do.

If you want to see bureaucracy rolled back you ought to vote for me. A UKIP led by me would advocate, for example, repeal of 80% of the 21 clusters of employment regulations passed since 1963 thereby boosting the economy by £60 billion per year.

UKIP should stand for sweeping aside all tariffs and restrictions unilaterally so British industry will be able to buy whatever it needs at the best possible value for money and thereby become the most productive in the world. If you want free trade from UKIP you must vote for me.

By contrast to the other candidates I have a programme of 36 steps by which I would restore the government to surplus. If you want fiscal responsibility from UKIP, not David’s soft promise of it, you have to vote for me.

If you want to shift our society from doing nothing to earning its way in the world, if you want more individuals to stand on their own feet we must reform welfare. 63% of households receive a welfare benefit. If you want a reduction in spending on welfare, by 43%, to return it to the level it was at in real terms in 1999 and thereby free £114 billion p.a. for productive use so as to power a tide of wealth creation then vote for me.

Vote for me if you want to see UKIP reform housing. Mine is the programme that will revolutionize the over-managed housing market.

If you want a well judged implementation of direct democracy that preserves leadership vote for me.

Of all the candidates it is I who would most improve defence. Not just by increasing spending on it by 78%, £25 billion, to put us on a par with Russia, but also by re-focusing on next-generation doctrine and technology. If you care most of all about defence I am the candidate to vote for. Every increase in expenditure advocated in my manifesto would be paid for by greater offsetting cuts elsewhere as you can see below. This is not true of any other candidate.

If you want to see us protect the UK citizens living in the EU from having to choose between their adopted and native countries you will vote for me. I will shame Conservatives, Labour and the EU to get those 1.2 million people a dual passport.

If you want to see domestic security strengthened then you will vote for me because I want UKIP to increase MI5 officers by 70%, MI6 officers by 30%, armed police officers by 100% and spending on counter-terrorist police by 100% too.

Proposals favouring the poor are red and proposals favouring the wealthy blue.


From welfare 1 45bn. End (tapered) state pensions for the 40% with gross incomes of £35,000+.
From welfare 2 27bn. Abolish tax credits.
From welfare 3 15bn. Cap benefit at 75% (£11,250 p.a.) of earnings on the minimum wage.
From welfare 4 13bn. End fuel allowance and sickness and disability pension for the 30% with gross incomes of £43,000+.
From welfare 5 14bn. End child, maternity and paternity benefits
From administration 30bn. Make two Ministries (Sport, Tourism and Heritage plus Overseas Aid) redundant (£14nb). Shrink Environment, Food and Rural Affairs plus Business, Innovation and Employment (£15bn). Scrap the Barnett formula (£1bn).
From infrastructure 14bn. Scrap HS2 & Housing (£8bn). Shrink the BBC budget 50% (£2bn). Scrap rail subsidies (£4bn).
From ending tax exemptions 16bn. On sale of residences.
From GP visits 2bn. £15 per visit.
Knock-on-gains 11bn. Reduced Interest (£2 billion). Increased Investment (£9bn).
Tax reductions 101bn. Reduce Rates by 80% (£21bn), Stamp Duty 50% (£6bn), Fuel Duty 30% (£8bn) and corporation tax (£56bn). End green (£4bn) and inheritance taxes (£4bn). Reduce TV Licenses 50% (£2bn)
Defence +25bn. +9,000 new infantry to eastern Europe. An underwater underground SSBN pen in the Falklands (see
Security +2bn. Including 70% more MI5 officers
Venture capital prizes, to kick-start innovation and profits for tax payers.  +5bn A VASIMR asteroid belt mining rocket (£2bn) to generate 0.15% of UK GDP from the belt by 2027. A crewed interstellar ship design (£0.1bn). An unmanned interstellar probe prototype (£0.09bn), a flying aircraft carrier (£0.35bn) other (£2.46bn)

A reviewer of one of my inventions once wrote that I had avoided all the mistakes of the past in order to make bigger ones in the future. As a history graduate of the University of Cambridge I know that it is not what happened in the past but what you learn from it that matters. My rivals think that only a change of clothes is needed to save UKIP or, even less realistically, that we hardly need saving at all.

Of all the candidates I am the most painful candidate to vote for because I am the one who will change us most.

In my forties I quickly grew a company from 500 crew to 2,000. It was not by being a gentleman. I am the candidate who will do what is necessary to distill the best in us to win.

I will change us most because I love liberty rigorously and radically and because I am the only candidate committed to our reaching, literally, for the stars.


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