Coach from the SW to Conference


If the demand is there we are looking to put on a 30-seater coach to the UKIP Conference in Birmingham on the Friday 21st September this will be an early morning start from South Devon with pickups along the M5, i.e. Exeter Tiverton/Taunton services & straight back after Conference finishes on the Friday – return time to be agreed later.

The cost will be about £25, if you are interested please contact me at the Torbay UKIP Shop by E-Mail or Phone or in person pop in for a coffee.

E-Mail Tel 01803 214344

The take up has been very poor on this so far! If this coach is to run we do need numbers & confirmations very soon so we can pay the deposit plus sort pick-up times & pick-up places. I won’t be in the shop till 1st August – after that I will look at numbers then decide if its viable to run the coach.

Mike Simpson, UKIP Torbay


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Dear all –

Please find below information regarding ‘Action Days’ due to be held in Tetbury & Cirencester which you may find of interest and wish to share with your members:


Such is the public indignation at the Chequers Agreement & Remainer Theresa May’s two year dilly-dallying & delay over Brexit that the Cotswolds has become the latest Parliamentary Constituency to succumb to BREXIT BAG MANIA!

Due to popular demand UKIP Cotswolds will be holding Action Days in Tetbury and Cirencester on 8th & 15th September and handing out the ever popular BREXIT BAGS !

If you can help, please come along. More info from UKIP Cotswolds Chairman Chris Harlow

#TetburyBagsBrexit –

TETBURY (Market House, opposite The Snooty Fox),

Saturday 8th September 10am – 12 noon

#CirencesterBagsBrexit –

CIRENCESTER (Cricklade Street opposite Nationwide)

Saturday 15th September 10am – 12 noon


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As mentioned in the minutes of the Grassroots Conference of July 21st, here is the promised additional report:


Grassroots Conference – The Secretary’s Report

On the 21st of July there was an outbreak in Builth Wells. But rather than foot and mouth, it was an outbreak of democracy.  South Wales East in the tradition of their ‘Chartist’ kinfolk, has been at the forefront of this outbreak. The ‘Grassroots’ forum in Wales at its 2nd meeting were presented with a structure that its originator Ian Williams felt was one that would allow members from across Wales to be involved at all levels. It would provide communication up and down the principality, and all positions within it would be elected ones.

The structure realises that Wales is a country with its own soon to be named Parliament. It is different due to its geography and its political system with 5 regions having elections under proportional representation.  It is also due to go through radical change in its system of governance. We in Wales have to be ready for the challenges ahead, something we have not been since the 2016 Welsh Assembly Elections. And truth to tell we have not exactly covered ourselves in glory since!

The structure is a natural one with a Wales Committee,  followed by 5 regional committees, and the branches. Each level will have to put in place a development plan for three years, revisited every year as a rolling entity. The Wales Committee met immediately to elect its officers with David Rowlands elected in the role of chairman.  David has the experience having been once the Wales Regional Branch Chair and was instrumental in raising the profile of UKIP in Wales.

We received a letter of support from Gerard Batten and he was forthright in telling us that the committee must NOT just be a talking shop. With nothing achieved in Wales for over two years, we are determined not to break the trust that Gerrard has given us.  We are as Gerrard explained, working outside of the constitution, but it must be pointed out, not against it! We fully support the National Party and its officers and will demonstrate that having this structure in Wales, will indeed benefit UKIP in the future.

We also recognise the support given to us by the party chair Tony McIntyre, who attended the 1st meeting.

Wales was at one time, the most successful area within the UK for UKIP. Our intention is to recover that position and re-build the branches we lost after the ‘fiasco’ following the 2016 Welsh Assembly Elections.

Ian Williams, Chair UKIP Torfaen,

Vice Chair UKIP SWE and Secretary Wales Committee.

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