You can’t swing a cat these days without hitting some US-caused war or other. Yet, nobody seems to know why the US is bloodletting so freely across the globe. Some cite “oil lust”, some “imperialism” others “spreading democracy”. Notably, none cite the only legal and legitimate cause for a war: “self defense”. Either the US is afflicted with a chronic and murderous national disorder, or it’s not telling us (and possibly itself) something it needs to.

Whatever the reason, we are left having to decide for ourselves why the US has become a global killing machine. And there is no shortage of explanations. For example, some say the US has war mongered in the Middle East to get control of oil fields to keep its home fires burning. But that makes no sense; it would be far cheaper and more reliable to buy oil from these willing vendor nations, particularly, now with a world glut of oil, than to fund expensive illegal wars to steal oil from them.

Then there are explanations as to why the US (and EU) fomented the Ukraine-Russia war in particular. These range from spreading democracy and freeing the significantly Russophile people in large parts of Ukraine from Russian tyranny, to wanting to impede Russian superpower status. These are as ridiculous as the “oil” explanations, since Ukraine was already a democracy when the US and EU helpfully declared war for it, and Russia has predictably grown, not diminished, in strength due to the war.

Then there’s Africa. US troops are all over Africa for no good reason except to commit wanton violence. For example, the US viciously and without provocation obliterated Libya, one of the most economically and socially successful nations in Africa, knowing it would needlessly impoverish and displace millions of settled and largely content people. And the US chose Tunisia as the location for the US’ Arab Spring, permanently destablilizing the Arab world and causing mass displacement of people. None of the countries lost to the US-choreographed coups of the Arab Spring posed any imminent threat to the US.

Some say that we must view the US’ unprovoked violence as a larger policy of Full Spectrum Dominance, driven by unarguably insane Neocons, such as Obama. Others say the US is controlled by cartel bankers using US military might to create their New World Order and protect their obscene central banking scam. But those explanations fail, since Neocons and bankers are doing just fine creating their New World Order by pulling economic and social-engineering levers — the “climate change” scam, fascist global “sustainability” laws, the creation and control of illegal global financial and other institutions, the shameless manipulation of precious metals and other markets, etc.

If it’s not oil, gold or land, if it’s not spreading democracy and protecting their alleged freedoms, if it’s not creating a New World Order, and if it’s never national self defense, then what is it? Why has the US become the world’s Johnny Appleseed of butchery?

The answer to that question, at the risk of sounding trite, is boredom.

Americans have become aimless, spiteful, over-privileged children, pulling the wings off of flies by spraying depleted uranium bombs across the globe because they have nothing better to do. Before Vietnam and the Neocon coup, America used to take, or at least, try to take, its place in the world seriously, always measuring twice and cutting once in foreign policy and Constitutional matters, matters its people felt central to and were largely proud to be party to.

Ma, baseball and apple pie might not be much of an identity, but at least it was an identity, and America has lost that identity of vitality, self-determination and individuality. These days, if a domestic or foreign policy problem can’t be solved by unleashing a buck or a bullet, Americans don’t want to know.

Personally, I see the US’ pathologic warmongering as a form of national impulse buying, a collective way to scratch their conditioned instant-gratification itch. For many Americans, unwrapping a new war over some CNN-manufactured slight is no different than unwrapping a Mars bar grabbed at the supermarket check-out for a sugar hit. Yet, as with Mars bars, two minutes after a war is unwrapped it’s tossed aside to accommodate the next impulse buy, leaving our world, as it has become, littered with half-consumed US wars.

What Americans need more than anything else is something constructive to do with their time and their hands beyond playing video games in Kansas that murder real wedding guests in Iraq. A good start would be for America to have a good, old fashioned, 1776-type tidy-up of its own house. Americans need to dig up, dust off and place their personal sovereignty and Constitution back to pride of place on the mantelpiece where they belong. The world needs to see plainly that the American people have snatched vital decision-making power, such as declaring war, back from a string of Neo-Marxist presidents, who are just itching to turn the US over to fascist UN global governance. This primary project will create other worthy secondary projects that will keep Americans busy and out of the international murder business for decades to come.

For example, rather than twitching for the next hit of overseas bloodletting Americans should devise campaigns to bring back to their schools the singing of Christmas carols and the recital of the Pledge of Allegiance. They should be uniting in their refusal to facilitate government theft-by-illegal-taxation. American property owners need to resurrect its erstwhile national sport of door-slamming and telling government snoops to go bleep themselves.

Or, Americans can stand, gormless, idly spraying half-eaten uranium depleted Mars bars across a world that increasingly hates them, almost as much as they have come to hate themselves.

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