As a lifelong Royalist, it was with great and deepening dismay that I heard and read of your speech at the banquet in Germany on 24th June.

As a member of UKIP, the only political party that campaigns to leave the EU, my heart sank as I realised to what extent you had given comfort and support to the pro-EU campaign prior to the Referendum.

No matter how many denials are issued by Palace spokespersons, the speech was of political significance, uttered in Merkel’s Germany at a time when our pro-EU Prime Minister is seeking his so-called ‘reforms’.  The undemocratic EU is not about peace and prosperity: it is about power and we need to free ourselves before its stated aim of ‘ever closer political union’ is achieved.

I spent the first 26 years of my life in a free, independent sovereign state, happy to be a subject of our sovereign Queen, but by your words you seem to endorse our absorption into the EU Superstate and negate your Coronation oath.

In 1997 you found yourself out of step with the population as a whole in under-estimating the strength of feeling about the death of Princess Diana.  I am afraid that you or, more likely, your advisors, have miscalculated again and uttered words that will jar on the ears of millions of Britons who want to be friendly with Europe, but not ruled by the EU.

I hope that further consideration will lead to an explanatory retraction of the speech, making it clear that there was no intention of offering support to the interests of the EU over the interests of the UK; and bearing in mind the fact that the terms ‘Europe’ and ‘EU’ are used interchangeably and indiscriminately by those who prefer to confound their opponents.

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