That nice Mr. Arron Banks over at sent me a very inspiring and reassuring e-mail that I thought others in the Leave camp might enjoy. I’m still waiting for an e-mail – or any contact at all, come to that – from the Vote Leave campaign. Wouldn’t it be pleasing if, in the spirit of sharing, I received and e-mail written jointly by both campaigns?

Anyway, here’s that e-mail:

When David Cameron promised a referendum on EU membership at the beginning of the year, no-one — least of all Mr. Cameron himself — believed he would end up being held to his word.He didn’t have a majority and no ruling party had increased its vote share between normal elections since 1955. With Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg both opposed, a referendum bill would never pass.  It was supposed to be just another empty PR gesture to please party supporters.

Remember that previous “cast-iron” pledge?

But he didn’t reckon with the determination of the Great British Public to finally have a say.  For forty years we’ve​ been led down the path towards a United States of Europe we never asked for.

Mr. Cameron has had to keep his word this time.  The referendum is on, and no-one is better placed to fight it than our team here at  With endorsements from politicians and campaigners across the political spectrum, we’ve signed up well over a thousand councillors, more than 3,000 businesses and 350,000 grassroots supporters — that’s more than the Conservative Party, the Liberal Democrats and UKIP have put together.

Without question, this is the biggest, fastest-growing political movement in our country’s modern history, backed by an amazing team of professional analysts and campaigners from Cambridge Analytica, who worked on Nelson Mandela’s presidential campaign, and Goddard Gunster, who have been fighting referendums for decades, achieving a 90% success rate.

rogues gallery

Up against us are the Remains: a rogues’ gallery of Brussels bureaucrats, disgraced politicians and EU-funded academics, trying to defend an out-of-date, out-of-touch customs union which has spent the past year bullying its members in Eastern Europe and squeezing the poor Greeks mercilessly.  Its handling of the ongoing and self-inflicted migrant crisis has been abysmal and ultimately tragic, while the former head of Interpol has come out to condemn the fast-collapsing Schengen Area as “an international passport-free zone for terrorists”.

We know that David Cameron’s fudged renegotiation isn’t going to change anything.  He isn’t asking for an end to the supremacy of unaccountable EU law over the laws of our own courts, elected parliaments and assemblies. He isn’t asking for the power to be returned to strike trade deals with our friends outside the EU, or for our independent vote on global bodies like the WTO to be restored.  He isn’t even asking for us to be given back the power to manage our own fishing waters and farm policy, despite decades of ruinous mismanagement.

As for migration, well, we might be treated to a great, choreographed row over benefits and a few trivial concessions, but this is politics mimicking professional wrestling.  What you see is not real; it is staged and it is fake. Real powers to control who can come into the country are NOT up for discussion.

A stiff breeze should be enough to knock down this crumbling edifice and we’ve spent the last year building a referendum machine which, with your help, should roll right over it.  Let’s get that motor running! Let’s make 2016 a year to remember and one our grandchildren will thank us for.

Wishing you a Happy New Year from everyone here at the team,

Arron Banks
Co-founder Leave.EU

Seems like, thanks to Mr. Banks and his friends and supporters, and thanks to Vote Leave, and especially, of course, thanks to Nigel Farage and UKIP, we have a real shot at shaking off the EU shackles that our own leaders have placed on our ankles, and regaining our sovereignty and freedom. Sure, the Remain camp has the formidable Brexit referendum benefits of what they perceive as the “status quo”, the woeful under-education of a UK public regarding the true, ugly purpose of the EU, a corrupt Electoral Commission, and an even more corrupt EU Commission with their access to our money to be spent in the Remain cause, and possibly the most corrupt institution of all – the BBC, which has lied about the EU in return for cash for decades.

But we on the Leave side have the biggest benefit of all: The truth. The truth about what the EU really is and intends for us and a UK population with liberty in its blood and that is increasingly turning its back on the lies of the EU and its corrupt supporters in our own country, and shunning the EU’s, parasitic politics and fear-mongering.

Personally, I think, by trying to force the UK to stay in the EU, the EU and its supporters now have a tiger by the tail. Or, should that be a lion?

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