First, an invitation from Janice North – short notice, but then, things were a bit hectic these past few days, not just in politics but also in work:


Dear All

As our Brexit/Membership stall last week went well AGAIN,  we are now doing another one this coming Sunday in Hampstead Town – opposite Hampstead Heath Overground station, right by Hampstead Heath. This should be a good location with lots of people on a Sunday.

We have lots of leaflets and lots to talk about!  


11.30am on Sunday 18th November


Opposite Hampstead Heath Overground station

Very near the bus terminus too.  

We will have a table and leaflets and hopefully a good few of you! We can go on til early afternoon.

Last week was good and here is the report on it:

Look forward to seeing you! Your country needs you, now more than ever, with Brexit being seriously under threat.

Please call me on the number below if you cannot find us, and wrap up warm!

Cheers, Janice

UKIP North London – Brent and Camden – Tel: 07957 172993

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Here is a report from an event last week – how long ago that now seems:


An evening of politics in the pub in Mid Norfolk  

by Tracy Knowles

On Friday the 9th November I arranged an event where Mid Norforlk UKIP members could ask questions of Mid Norfolk conservative MP George Freeman.  George campaigned before the referendum as a remainer, he has since shifted to a reluctant EFTA supporter. It is important to remember that the electorate of Mid Norfolk voted 61% to leave.

There were many great questions asked during the meeting which primarily concerned Brexit, immigration, our youth and the BBC.

It was brave and gracious of George to attend, he did not have to and I have thanked him for his participation, however, I was left quite depressed after listening to his answers.  Indeed many of our team in Mid Norfolk although having had an interesting evening were left no wiser about the governments position and what the future may hold.

On the subject of Brexit my interpretation of George’s position is simply to choose an option that might just technically get a tick in the box with the electorate, so that we have dealt with Brexit and consequently the referendum has been respected. On immigration George talked about Mark Carney’s model which takes the population to 85 million people using cheap labour to boost GDP. There was no talk of GDP per capita. He says that Theresa May had heard the countries concerns on immigration but that it will take a few years and that we need to evolve to a position of reduced immigration.  George has twice publicly said, in my presence, that we can not reduce immigration as we need immigrants to come in to wipe our bottoms. He has also said several times that we all need to vote conservative to avoid a Corbyn and a marxist government. Whilst although this may turn out to be true it is not exactly a positive conservative manifesto. George seemed in total denial concerning a BBC bias to remain in the EU, this was a struggle for the group.

Since 2000 we have increased the UK population from 59 million to now a theoretically 66 million, with all of the associated difficulties with the NHS, traffic jams, school funding etc.  How painful will it be at 85 million?

So, although this session commenced as an attempt to unite on the right it unfortunately resulted in an impasse.

The majority of the electorate have voted for Brexit and want a reduction in immigration, we should be the party representing them.  The conservatives do not represent the views of their voters. Why are we not the party of choice?

Tracy Knowles


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