(Written by C.G. Wighter – a lawyer, entrepreneur, researcher and writer)


Dear Mr Johnson,


We are writing to you on behalf of us, the ordinary people, who want to have our Democracy back and do not want to lose our jobs, livelihoods, businesses and ruin our economy based upon the fake and flawed propaganda on Coronavirus and Covid-19 by the World Health Organisation (WHO), Government ‘advisors’ and the MSM

Many lies and myths about Coronavirus are being manipulated by the MSM to create and spread a pandemic of fear and hysteria. 

The FACTS are: tests are inaccurate, ‘confirmed cases’ do not include millions of mild cases (artificially boosting mortality statistics), mortality statistics are wrong as they do not differentiate between those who died OF Coronavirus or just WITH Coronavirus as one of many underlying health problems ,and there ARE treatments (HCQ, Chloroquine, plasma, Interferon-Alfa-2B, Favipiravir, Remdesivir, Lopinavir-Ritonavir etc.). 

When you compare 1,408 UK deaths attributed to Coronavirus over 3.5 weeks with just an average 3.5 weeks of the 50,000+ additional ‘winter’ deaths of 2017-18 the figure is 6,730+. This is nearly five times the figure the entire country is in ‘Lockdown’ and under Martial Law over!      

Over twenty of the World’s leading infectious disease Experts have criticised World Governments handling of the Coronavirus epidemic – see here and here. You must study these articles as they are unanimous in their opinion, that ‘lockdowns’ and ‘social distancing’ make everything worse. Also that Coronavirus mortality is not at alarming levels and has merely been fuelled by fake, flawed propaganda, lies and fear.

One of the experts, Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, a Specialist in Microbiology and one of the most cited research scientists in German history, criticised the draconian anti-corona measures saying, they

“…are grotesque, absurd and very dangerous …. The life expectancy of millions is being shortened. The horrifying impact on the world economy threatens the existence of countless people. The consequences on medical care are profound. Already services to patients in need are reduced, operations cancelled, practices empty, hospital personnel dwindling. All this will impact profoundly on our whole society. All these measures are leading to self-destruction and collective suicide based on nothing but a spook.” 

Dr Bhakdi is so concerned and distressed by the lockdowns that he has written an open letter to Angela Merkel (link) in which he states “….the reason for my concern lies above all in the truly unforeseeable socio-economic consequences of the drastic containment measures…” He cites research that concludes that “The new virus is NOT different from traditional Corona viruses in terms of dangerousness.” He also states that Coronavirus has already widely spread, unnoticed, in the healthy population.

He discounts Italy and Spain being credible comparisons based upon the high percentage of elderly living with young potential ‘carriers’ of Coronavirus. He further discounts using Italy as comparable based upon the air pollution in Northern Italy which leads to thousands of additional deaths due to “viral lung disease”. He stresses that the population are not made aware of these and many other factors.

This air pollution fact is backed up by another excellent article (link) which also states that a massive 99% of the Italian dead had 1,2,3 or more health problems, stressing the fact that many deaths were misreported as dying from Coronavirus instead of with it. 

When you put us under ‘lockdown’ you stole our Human Rights, including the Right to Liberty, Freedom of Assembly, Right to Democracy and Right to Education. The draconian legislation you passed does not pass any legal tests of these actions being ‘necessary and proportionate to a legitimate aim’, as World Experts on infectious diseases condemn these actions and consider you to be wrong and ‘lockdown’ to be “dangerous” and “destructive”. The legislation also did not receive sufficient scrutiny, according to the campaign group Liberty. The ‘lockdown’ model itself was described by WHO in January as “unprecedented in Public Health History” and as such has no scientific evidence of effectiveness. 

Lockdown has been condemned by former Supreme Court Judge, Lord Sumption, who stated “depressions, stress, heart attacks, suicides and unbelievable stress inflicted on millions of people….” , with the “wrecking of our economy for an indefinite period, destroying businesses…..saddling future generations with debt.” He further condemned the actions of the police and branded it all “….the classic symptoms of collective hysteria”.          

You as a Government do not ‘rule’, you merely ‘govern’ and this, in a Democracy, is by the consent of the People. You have stolen our Human Rights and you must now reverse the ‘lockdown’ and ‘social distancing’ policies and restore our Democracy immediately. Failure to do this will mean you personally will be vilified in history as the Tyrannical Prime Minister, who ruined our economy and cost people’s lives and businesses by ignoring the advice of World Infectious Disease Experts in favour of Government ‘advisors’ and their absurd ‘computer models’. You will also be punished at the Ballot Box and many more times before that. 

You need to show real leadership guided by genuine Experts ignoring the hysteria and panic. Show the world how a Democratic leader and Democracy should behave, as Sweden is, which is NOT to become a Police State based on fake evidence.

By the time you read this letter (it will even be posted to you so there is no chance you can ignore us!) hopefully it will have been shared many thousands and even millions of times. To those reading this letter: please share it with everyone you can, including your MP, as the future of you, your children and grandchildren relies upon it along with your livelihood, job, health, sanity, Democracy, our society, NHS and even our lives!

We demand that you act upon these facts and immediately restore our lives, Democracy and society to normal before too much unrepairable damage is done. 

Yours sincerely,




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