The UKIP Summer Circus has been touring the nation! The show has been broadcast in the news, on Facebook, on Twitter. And what a show! UKIP Daily, as ever, has provided a running commentary.

Reports have indicated certain dissatisfaction with the incumbent ringmasters in their performance, competence and marketing skills. One of the key performers has been singled out for unjust and prejudiced ad hominem and a threat of being sacked. One has thrown his dummy out and sought another’s ousting, another got bogged down in process and procedure, and then resigned. Two have had their family values traduced in the media as though having traditional family values is a bad thing, and the road crew have been openly critical of management and the personal conduct of some of the ‘artistes’. At least none have been accused of homophobia yet, unless I missed that, which I probably did.

As for the financial viability of the Show and the intentions of the Owner, the season ticket holders fear that the collapse of the Circus is probable or possible – the creditors may pull the plug, evidently.

Yes, reports declare it’s ‘make or break time’ for the UKIP Circus! Can a new ringleader and set of performers be found that can professionalise, function and produce a Show that will attract the masses and an excited audience? Or will the Show grow old, tire, stagnate or die abruptly as many predict and as much of the competition desire?

Naturally, much reporting has been hyperbole.

Each of the main performers has been on the road, training and meeting some of the road crew – the UKIP membership. Some have been more active and far reaching than others. Will this pay off? Anne Marie Waters has been very active in talking to the membership and publishing these meetings to the wider world online, ‘for Britain’. So has John Rees Evans, who has also made videos along the way, encouraging people to rise to the challenge, engage, take responsibility and ‘be the government’.

Any member can study these two if they choose to, via YouTube and their respective websites. John ‘Be the Government’ Rees Evans (JRE) and Anne-Marie ‘For Britain’ Waters (AMW) are more than limbered up. They have been in training for many months, indeed for many months prior to this year’s disastrous Big Top performance of the 8th of June where the UKIP Circus became national laughing stock, political clowns.

The road crew who have met JRE and AMW in the northern show grounds have typically warmed to them, this I have witnessed – I am road crew.

How attractive and marketable might each of these potential ringmasters make the Show appear to a wider mass audience? How effectively could each wield the whip? Could either convince the creditors, or provide alternative financial security?  Does either understand the problems in management structure and have viable implementable solutions? Do they inspire?

Some of the performers are MEPs or AMs and will be known to more of the membership through their track record – Jane Collins, David Coburn, Peter Whittle and David Kurten have a public profile through their media performances and appearances in UKIP flyers. Others have been in training for not so long and at variable intensities.

Ben Walker was not widely known nationally before the resignation of the previously elected ringmaster, Paul Nuttall, but has spoken often and widely since. Peter Whittle is the Former Deputy ringmaster. Is he capable of stepping up to take charge of the bullwhip? Aidan Powlesland appears to have a depth of knowledge – in the field of asteroid mining. Whether this type of sideshow, fascinating as it may be, can attract a box-office sell out, I have my doubts. David Kurten’s expertise in training is clear and he has a great smile. Is that where his focus should remain, or is he potentially a convincing bullwhip wielder, as it were? There are others, but I’ve hardly noticed any of them until one Henry Bolton’s unscheduled (I think) public display on Friday 25th August, a display that this critic found unappealing and in poor spirit.

Roll up, roll up! There’s a different performance on the ‘Horizon’! The young season ticket holders are putting on a Show in Steel City! On Saturday the 2nd of September 2017, the Show will go on, at the Young Independence National Conference 2017!  I’ll be there, and I can’t wait – there’s a particular attraction I’ll be focused on (but I won’t share that with you readers)!

UKIP members of all ages would benefit from listening to and mixing with the younger members of the Party. Listen to the future performers, future ringleaders, future lion tamers, future tightrope walkers – [Ed: future performing collie dog trainers, even] – to hear what they have to say and be informed by their perspective. You can get your tickets here and review the event advert here. On the Bill, we have Special Guest appearances including:

  •         Ben Harris Quinney of the Bow Group
  •         Martin Sellner from Defend Europe
  •         Ray Finch MEP
  •         James Price of the Taxpayer’s Alliance
  •         Simon Richards of the Freedom Association
  •         Eight of the ten leadership candidates, possibly nine

The future top management is the focus of the Steel City Show and eight of the Ringmaster Applicants will be interviewed by the hosts. I’ve heard it will be a ‘Dragon’s Den’ kind of affair – if you are familiar with the BBC2 Show of that name. Marion Mason will not be performing, and Peter Whittle is a doubt. It will be a different viewing experience from the tried and tested routines of hustings with questions and answers. At least I hope it will be. A chance for each to make their pitch and showcase their freedom and liberty loving small government leadership skills.

Roll up! Roll up! Considering the off stage word throwing, the event should make for interesting viewing. What will the Show bring forth? A true ringmaster? A lion tamer? A strongman? A goddess of the tightrope?  A trapeze artist

Or, will it bring more clowns? Clowns are ten-a-penny. The Show does not need any more of them.

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