Principles are a rare thing in politics. Not a rare thing in ordinary people but rare in an environment where power corrupts. When people have principles and act in accordance with them, it matters. The burden of maintaining civil society rests upon their shoulders. How politics in the UK suffers from too few hod carriers! The principle that sovereignty resides with the people has been betrayed by generations of the political and media classes. It is opposition to this Establishment and support of that principle of sovereignty that is a commonality among UKIP members – a principle that unites them.

The Party is described as a democratic libertarian party. Principles of liberty, democracy, law and all equal under it, low tax, small government, people empowerment. These principles must be espoused. 

There are problems though. Perceptions and a clash of principles. A clash between a desire for justice and a desire to exhibit compassion. During the US Presidential election Donald Trump alluded to this clash by reciting an Al Wilson lyric ‘The Snake’, a parable of a kind host being destroyed by the object of her kindness. Trump’s reference was to radical Islamic terrorism and the dangers posed by it to our lives. Justice and compassion. What if, by giving compassion you are denying justice?

Anne Marie Waters understands both justice and compassion. She has compassion for and speaks about the lack of justice for victims of crime. She speaks of the institutional failures of the Government, politicians, the Police Service, the media, council services and Crown Prosecution Service. And as Trump did, she speaks about radical Islamic terrorism and the root thereof, Islam. I applaud her honesty. I applaud her courage for seeing the real threat posed to the foundations of our civil society and speaking up. I understand that my perceptions are shared by many, for there are many who will vote for Anne Marie to be the next leader of UKIP.

What of the perceptions of others to Anne Marie? Within and without the party I would describe them as ‘polarised’. Threats of resignations from MEPs, patrons and members can not be ignored. Neither can threats to call in loans by the major party funders. The belief that Anne Marie Waters’ election victory would result in the Party’s rapid regression into a single issue pressure group rather than an effective political machine to challenge the LibLabCon Establishment, is common.

I have heard John Rees-Evans speak. He speaks well. He is also a man of principles, ones which, like Anne Marie Waters, he is unafraid to espouse and defend. John’s plans are detailed, structured and focused. To truly give voice to the people to return sovereignty to them, we must engage with them, listen to them and represent their interests. We must empower members to develop the best policy platform and continuously improve it, to empower the members to scrutinise and decide who speaks well for the party and who should represent it. Patronage and mates in the right positions will no longer determine policy or candidate lists. We must provide voters with what they are crying out for politics and politicians that will represent them. John Rees-Evans’ plan for the party’s development can be found in his manifesto at . A simple article such as this can not do justice to John’s ‘Direct Democracy’ approach to developing the Party and engaging with the voters. 

After a recent event in Sheffield where John Rees-Evans presented his vision in detail, a member I spoke with remarked: “He’s a man with a plan. I like that.” I like that too. 

Anne Marie Waters is one of Britain’s most relevant speakers on the political, cultural and religious problems that exist, problems that are growing throughout the Western world. She faces the hostility of a powerful, corrupt media and political class, a candle in the wind. She is undoubtedly brave enough to expose herself to that power, confront it and speak to it, but without a stable and extensive platform the electoral effectiveness of her efforts may see her and the Party blown out, extinguished. The smears, labels thrown at Anne Marie – racist, islamophobe, far-right, neo-fascist – to the rational fair minded person are obvious bunkum and repeated for political expediency, alas even UKIP members who really should know better, adopt such perception as a reality.  

I will be voting for John Rees-Evans in the forthcoming election. I will do so with conviction that his libertarian and patriotic principles align with mine, that his intelligence, diligence, youthfulness, compassion and desire to empower the people can energise the Party as a popular electoral force. I will do so in the knowledge that, if implemented correctly, professionally and fully John’s plans will provide a platform for the people to be represented by those who they truly see fit to represent them. A platform for Anne Marie Waters to prove her mandate, for Godfrey Bloom to prove his, for Aiden Powlesland to help develop tax policy, for Roger Tattersall to help develop Energy Policy, – whichever member, whatever their expertise – an improving interconnected Party to attract a broad church of members and efficiently extract the human value that they are willing to give. 

Our country is suffering because power corrupts. Power needs to be wrestled, then kept from an elite. John Rees-Evans is the man with the plan. Learn more about it, help develop it and help give voice to the British people, to enable us to determine our own future in an Independent United Kingdom.

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