Press Conference for new leadership team #UKIPUnited

Jane Collins MEP, candidate for UKIP leader, will be joined by the three leadership candidates who have stepped aside to support her as part of a team running to reform the party.

Ms Collins will be making a speech and taking questions regarding the announcement that she will be the name on the ballot paper for a ‘slate’ of four candidates who will be setting out their vision for UKIP and their decision remove their names from the ballot paper as well as answering questions.

The other former candidates are Ben Walker, Marion Mason and David Coburn MEP.

The event will take place on

Monday 4th September

The Institute of Mechanical Engineers

Napier Room

1 Birdcage Walk

Westminster SW1H 9JJ

Start time 10.00.


All three team members will have senior roles in the party should Collins secure the support of the membership with Mr Walker confirmed as Chairman.

They bring with them their support base and their backers to bring a new edge to the contest which has been cited as the most important election UKIP has ever faced.

Jane Collins said:

I am humbled that Ben Walker, Marion Mason and David Coburn have withdrawn from the contest for UKIP leader to join me in a team which will drive forward the libertarian agenda and make UKIP a winning party once again,” said Ms Collins.

“I am sure many of their supporters will have questions to ask and want reassurance that the candidate they supported for leader will have a senior role in any party I lead in order to bring about their pledges particularly on direction and reform.

“Having been involved in UKIP since 1998 I am not prepared to see it turned into an extreme pressure group or have the democratic structures which give the grass roots a real say in the party eroded by the new  – and hopefully temporary ‘ ‘UKIP establishment’.

“We want our country back and we want our party back.”

This event will be streamed live and can be watched on Ben Walker’s Facebook page:


Press Release from Team ‘UKIP United’ after their Press conference

UKIP MEP Jane Collins issued a rallying cry to party members as she told a press conference in London today “I want my party back”.

A group of UKIP politicians have joined forces to “ensure the party remains true to its libertarian roots”.
MEPs Jane Collins and David Coburn, along with senior party official Marion Mason and popular grass roots member Ben Walker have formed ‘UKIP United’ which, they say, will strengthen the chances of a libertarian leader of the party.
The group’s figurehead Jane Collins MEP told a press conference today in London she was “humbled” that three of her former competitors had stepped down “in order to back this team”
“Yes, my name is on the ballot paper but only as the head of the team,” she said. “The others haven’t gone, they’re here as part of UKIP United.
“My three colleagues have very specific skills which will make UKIP a political campaigning machine again.
We got distracted after Brexit and we now have to put everything back together so we can become electable again.
“There were far too many people on the UKIP ballot paper. That would mean if everyone had stayed on the ballot paper whoever won wouldn’t have had a strong mandate,” she explained.
“And we know what happens to Prime Ministers who don’t have a strong mandate.”
“With us you are going to get people who are straight talking, dedicated and determined that UKIP will survive after we’ve achieved Brexit.”
Former Royal Navy Petty Officer Ben Walker, who will take the role of Party Chairman if Ms Collins gets elected as leader, said the alliance was “the best chance of winning the argument on the future of UKIP, and once we’ve won the argument we can win our party back.
“Appealing directly to his supporters, he promised them they would get “the change” he promised as part of his manifesto and promised to undo the reforms which had been going on behind the scenes by the party’s interim leader and chairman.
“The logo stays, we are not changing our name and we are not going to do anything with the regional structure,” he added in a direct attack.
“There are too many people in this party who are actively working against its best interests and this is why we’ve come together,” he said.
“We’ve promised you we’ll fix this and we promise you we’ll get this party back.”
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