Editorial announcement to all our readers, correspondents and contributors

UKIP AGM – 29th & 30th September, Torquay.


The AGM has been looming on the horizon for some time now, albeit overshadowed by the Leadership Contest. Now it is upon us, and UKIP Daily will be present.

We won’t have a fringe meeting as we did last year in Bournemouth because only one of the UKIP Daily editors is able to attend – that is me, your E-i-C.

As usual, you will find the invaluable daily “News Review” by Debbie, Associate editor. Any Breaking News will also be reported. The comment posts will be moderated by UKIP Daily’s other wonderful associate editors.


Friday 29th September and Saturday 30th September

I shall endeavour to post reports on the proceedings in UKIP Daily in a live blog, always assuming that, unlike last year in Bournemouth, the broadband connection doesn’t break down!


The timetable at the moment has the announcement of the new leader at 4.15pm or 5.15pm on Friday 29th September.

There will be a short acceptance speech, I’ve been assured by the interim leader Steve Crowther, so you’ll get the news as fast as I can type and publish in the live blog in UKIP Daily, if you cannot watch it on video.

After the announcement there will be a press conference – no, I haven’t got a press pass, didn’t apply for one because last year I was told press passes cost the Party money, so I didn’t want to put more financial strain on the Party coffers and bought my own tickets.


By Friday afternoon UKIP will have a new Leader, after months of election campaigning and hustings, such as this one in Dorking.


All readers, correspondents and contributors who are attending Conference: I’m happy to meet and chat.

If we’ve already met: just grab me when you see me. If we haven’t: I’ll be wearing a badge with the UKIP Daily logo – not rebranded and not going to be rebranded! – so watch out for that. In good old newshound fashion I’ll probably stalk the crowds. Otherwise you’ll probably find me collapsed next to an empty cup of coffee …

UKIP Spring Conference

A comprehensive Conference report will be published on Sunday or Monday.

All correspondents, contributors and comment posters who now have time on their hands after the relentless leadership campaign: please write articles now!


Have a wonderful Conference – for real or virtual online!



Photo by Torquay Palms

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