It’s a shame they’ve stopped making Mythbusters. They would have had great fun making a programme about this Referendum Campaign. Not a day goes by without an economically or historically illiterate pro-EU politician spouting nonsense.

David Cameron, with respect, was doing just that in his disastrous performance on Sky News on Thursday. He banged on about the so-called single market when we trade with it at a massive, and widening, deficit. Our deficit in goods with the EU in the first quarter was a staggering £23.9 billion. Whilst there is a surplus in services, the single market is far from complete in that sector. It is far from clear how much our highly competitive services sector would actually be hit by Brexit, if at all.

Cameron also repeated the myth that the EU is the world’s largest trading bloc. The EU in fact comes in second behind NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), even if you count UK GDP in the EU figure, which would be absurd, as you cannot export to yourself. The EU’s population minus the UK is also lower than NAFTA’s. In terms of area the EU is much smaller – just 1.67 million square miles not including the UK. NAFTA is a whopping 8.4 million square miles.

The remark that “44% of our exports go to the EU” is another myth recycled on Thursday. In order to artificially inflate the importance of EU exports, goods going via the giant container ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp to countries like South Korea are counted as exports to the Netherlands or Belgium, as the case may be. Exports to the EU are also calculated on a different basis, using VAT returns, again with a view to exaggerating their importance.

The combined effect of the Rotterdam-Antwerp and VAT statistical frauds is difficult to determine, but the true figure is probably around 35%. That’s not counting the Republic of Ireland, which will probably have to follow us out.  

The Origins of the EU

Even quite sensible politicians, with respect, like Daniel Hannan have fallen for the myth that the EU was created for a noble purpose, or at any rate with the best of intentions. Some even believe that it was created, like NATO, to maintain the peace in Europe!

That myth is easily busted. There hasn’t been peace in Europe since 1945. The secret protocols agreed at Maastricht plunged South-Eastern Europe into war. The Balkan Wars of the 1990s cost at least 130,000 Europeans their lives. The EU is also fomenting conflict in the Ukraine. German-sponsored terrorist organisations like the IRA have waged deadly campaigns on the soil of EU member states, throwing away over 3,000 lives in the UK alone.

Anti-EU leaders have been assassinated in a number of countries, including the Netherlands and the UK, whilst in Sweden German Intelligence (the DVD, ‘Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst’) went so far as to assassinate the telegenic Foreign Minister Anna Lindh during a referendum campaign, in the cynical hope that the No campaign would be blamed. The EU has plenty of innocent blood on its hands.   

As I explain in my book “Sphyunter”, (June Press 2014), the original plan for the European Economic Community (Europäische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft) was drawn up by officials at the Reichsbank and Reich Ministry of the Economy in 1939-40, under the leadership of Reichsminister Walther Funk, who would undoubtedly be voting to remain were he alive today.

An unpleasant man, with a personality even worse than George Osborne (no offence intended!), Funk’s idea was to save the Wehrmacht money by obviating the need to maintain large forces of occupation in Occupied Europe once Germany had won. The idea was not to make a further war in Europe unthinkable, but to make it unnecessary.

Of course, in order to reverse the liberation of France, Germany needed to undermine the Fourth Republic. This was done courtesy of the judicious application of blackmail pressure, a German specialty, not least to poor old General de Gaulle, who was gay, and had had some unwise dealings with the Abwehr during the war. We eventually found out, thankfully, and were able to cut our own deal, whereby Mon General agreed in turn to veto both Macmillan’s and Wilson’s applications.

The Germans (DVD again) also sponsored the bloody revolt in Algeria. The Fourth Republic collapsed and the way was open for the Elysée Treaty. For presentational reasons it was not signed in a railway carriage.

The EEC had a bloody birth, attended by the screams of the dying in Algeria. A similar tactic, this time using Standartanführer Skorzeny’s Provisional IRA, was followed after de Gaulle’s second veto, in order to ramp up pressure on the UK.

EEC Membership was predictably disastrous for the UK and effectively led to national bankruptcy by 1976, with the Labour Government having to crawl on its hand and knees to the pro-EEC IMF, a front organisation for the DVD.

The DVD  took over the Abwehr’s Swiss slush funds in 1944. The last time I saw a tear-off sheet for the main account, its balance was just over $100 billion, and that was after a $10 billion transfer to a master distribution account to pave the way for the Constitutional Treaty. I well recall MI5’s surprise when they looked at the offshore account of one of the British recipients of the cash. They first thought it had to be the distribution account – I had to gently explain that was just the pay-off for that particular pro-EU politician. That slush-fund account is still active by the way, at a bank in Geneva.

There is nothing noble or peaceful about the EU, nor was there anything noble about its founders, the German agent Jean Monnet principal amongst them. Monnet helped drown many Allied merchant seamen in 1917-1918 by passing vital shipping intelligence to his German masters. He was a key arms broker for the Abwehr in World War II.

We will be well out of the monster he helped create.

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