That wicked Nigel Farage has been teasing the nasty old Tories….again.

Answering questions after a speech this weekend the UKIP leader said that if he were David Cameron he would offer our party a clear run in working class parts of areas like Kent and Essex where the Tories stood no chance of beating Labour, but UKIP does.

In exchange, mused Nigel, UKIP might agree to stand down in heavily Conservative  rural seats such as, say, Dorset.

While it is amusing to tweak Tory tails like this as we approach the election and the fake Cameron Conservatives become more and more sphincter-tighteningly nervous about losing their seats, we all know that there is more chance of Liechtenstein lifting the World Cup next time than there is of  Dave making this eminently sensible offer.

To do so would openly acknowledge what we all know to be true: his abandonment of Tory principles across the board and his betrayal of Britain to a foreign power mean that the Tories are a dying breed even in formerly true blue seats and are becoming as toxic to voters in working class areas of the UK as they already are in Scotland.

So long as Dave remains the captain of the Tory ship they are sunk.


ken clark cropped

As we all await Dave’s long trumpeted Cabinet re-shuffle with bated breath … (will he finally pension off Ken ‘EU: Me Too’ Clarke or send Eric Pickles to a Health Farm to fight the flab?) … speculation is mounting that the main feature of the reshuffle apart from nudging the old lags into the sunset will be the promotion of women to give the party a more female-friendly face ahead of the election. In particular, two former TV presenters, Esther McVey and the deeply unpleasant and incompetent Anna Soubry, are tipped for top jobs.

While this piece of empty PR would be typical of Cameron,  whose only job outside politics was as PR man for a now defunct TV company,  it would be an incredible insult to women in general as it would be rightly seen as Tory tokenism to pretend that their party is not the last repository of the male chauvinist that it really is.

Thinking that a mere change of deckchair positions on the tilting deck of his sinking ship can save his party from electoral  doom shows us afresh what a truly shallow and  patronising person our Prime Minister is.


merkel tightrope

The well-informed German magazine Der Spiegel reports that Chancellor Angela Merkel is thinking of stepping down at the peak of her power and popularity before the next German elections in 2017.But the woman who tells David Cameron how high to leap when she issues the order  ‘Jump!’ would not, according to Spiegel, be quitting politics altogether.

Instead her beady eye is reportedly fixed on going where the real power in Europe lies – to Brussels,  as President of the European Council.I have been reading a biography of Napoleon and was struck by the  famous scene when he placed the Imperial Crown on his own head at his coronation in Paris’s Notre Dame cathedral.

Could Angela be thinking of following in Boney’s bootsteps and crowning herself the new Empress of Europe? After all, that is the job she is already  performing in fact.


vote UKIP

That’s the burden of the song I have been hearing from several UKIP members in the wake of our triumph in May’s European and council elections.They shouldn’t deceive themselves. Behind the blaring superficial headlines, party members up and down the land are getting on with the real work of building the party.

In my own constituency of Eastbourne for example we are holding coffee mornings and quiz nights, canvassing,  arranging public meetings, targetting  key voting blocs,  producing leaflets, building party membership and arguing our case. And I know that the same thing is going on  all over Britain.

It may not be spectacular, but the results we obtain next year as a result of the hard work we are putting in now will be. So the three old parties are right to be afraid …. very afraid. We are here to stay.

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